Parking in the capital will be five times more

Parking in the capital will be five times more


The Parking Inspectorate announced an additional recruitment of about 60 inspectors to work on the streets of the city. This was announced by the deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration Konstantin Usov.

“We are increasing the number of inspectors. There will be five times more inspectors than now, but this is only the first wave of strengthening the inspectorate’s human resources. For 14,430 of our municipal parking lots much more power is needed for effective control, “said Konstantin Usov.

According to him, now only 15 inspectors work on the streets of Kiev, which is not enough for a large city. The expansion of the state is expected to improve parking enforcement throughout the city, especially in the city center.

“A significant number of new employees will keep order in the first transport zone of Kiev. There is the greatest load on the road network, an intensive congestion of cars, the greatest number of violators, as well as a massive concentration of illegal parking attendants, ”Usov added.

Candidates are promised a competitive salary level, career opportunities and the traditional advantages of civil service: official registration, social benefits, retirement benefits, vacations at recreation centers. Applicants must be fluent in the state language, have a higher education, be responsible, stress-resistant and literate.

Documents are accepted through the Unified Job Portal of the National Agency for Civil Service.

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