Parking near the house for 11.000 UAH per month: the imminent realities of Kiev

Parking near the house for 11.000 UAH per month: the imminent realities of Kiev


The price of parking for residents of Kiev this year will reach almost 11 thousand hryvnia per month, depending on the area of ​​residence. The deputy of the Kyiv City Council Konstantin Yalovoy wrote about this on his page in the social network.

Yalovoy pointed out that the situation with parking in Kiev is becoming more and more complicated. For many years, the metropolitan government allowed the construction of new houses without parking, while the dense development of residential areas does not allow to equip enough parking spaces, the deputy explained. He wrote that he will have parking in Kiev this year.

Here are some facts about how the parking situation in Kiev will change this year:

  • if you live in the city center and there is no parking in your house, parking your car will cost UAH 10,700 per month;
  • if you live in the second parking zone (Syrets, Demeevka, Goloseevo, Levoberezhnaya), you will pay 7700 per month. In a residential area – 1540;
  • residents are offered discounts on parking at their homes. But this year you still have to pay the full cost, and in 2022 you will be offered to get 1 subscription for an apartment with a 50% discount;

The deputy stressed that in Kiev there is no effective transparent control over the use of funds received for parking. Yalovoy also believes that the proposals of the capital’s authorities to solve problems with parking spaces are not well thought out and inconvenient for the people of Kiev.

The axis of the facts, how to change the situation with the parkings near Kiev, is it true: if you live near the center of your place …

Published by Kostyantin Yalov Friday 15 October 2021

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