Patent application reveals Tesla Cybertruck secrets

Patent application reveals Tesla Cybertruck secrets


Tesla Cybertruck’s user interface (UI) has been revealed thanks to a patent filed by Tesla with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The slightly darkened black and white patent images show much of the final Cybertruck design. The upper right part displays the outside temperature, hours and a maximum power reserve of 610 miles (about 1000 km). The three-engine version of the model is expected to have a range of over 800 km.

The images also show the music streaming and home screen, vehicle control menus with ride height and drive modes, fan and HVAC airflow direction menus. Two more patent images show something similar to a towing assist function and a camera to assist when towing a trailer.

In addition, the patents show several renderings of the Cybertruck navigation and autopilot system, which appear to be modified. The navigation system appears to have a 3D effect. The charging screen shows the remaining battery power. The vehicle also has two screens for off-road mode, one showing external cameras and the other showing tire and suspension information.

One of the images shows what looks like a camper with a bed, with a cute pull-out kitchen equipped with a stove and storage space. The Cybertruck is expected to go into production at the end of 2021, and as reported by earlier, more than 1 million Tesla Cybertruck pickups have already been booked.

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