Patent image ultrabudgetary crossover Dacia


Cheap electric novelty still appears on the arms of the brand-the successor to the Renault. The model will bring to the European market.

Already in early March the Dacia brand in the online presentation presented a concept electric car by Spring. Now the turn has reached the patent images in the public domain.


In addition to the development of the electric segment SUV the brand Dacia is still on standby bi-fuel version of the current model series. Until now, the Renault brand was put on the European market cars with modern engines the TCe. A similar path went and the manufacturer Dacia. Until the last moment about the electrical installations were not discussed. However, the debut of new items will bring changes in the capacity and the Arsenal of the manufacturer.

Externally, electric new Renault/Dacia would be like the serial hatchback Renault Twingo Z. E. Should draw a parallel between the concept and patent drawings Dacia Spring. Serial version of the design will be simpler, as can be seen in the optics and dimensions of the bumpers. Also on the right front panel there is no charging port. It probably dragged under the front logo of the brand.

Concept car Dacia Spring possessed an autonomy of up to 200 km compact size of 3.75 meters will allow the car to dominate the flow of traffic, keeping the briskness. For the city this car would be perfect. About the technical parameters of serial version unknown. Commercial campaign will be launched in 2021. To present the serial version of the Dacia probably will be decided before the end of this year.

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