Patrick Dempsey & I go on a Road Trip!

Patrick Dempsey & I go on a Road Trip!


Tag Heuer invited me to Monaco, to meet with Patrick Dempsey, where we embark on a road trip to Le Mans.Follow us on:www.tagheuer.comMusic by:Fly – 13OunceI’ll be there (ft. Ratfoot) – Midranger

Oh guys at supercar Lundy and I’m in Monaco first time ever look at this view we’re actually gonna be taking a trip from Monaco to learn more there’s a very special guest here with us today and actually he’s going on the entire trip with us to them on this week it’s Patrick Dempsey mr. McDreamy himself now I didn’t really know this so I’m sure a lot of you don’t know either but he is actually a massive car freak and so we’re all driving with him to them or in order to support him and a couple of other teams as well tag heuer has brought us along and thank you so so much this experience is amazing and I’ve got my first watch the Monaco with the Monaco in the background not bad hey so this is the ladies watch alright here we are at the private car collection of the Prince of Monaco Princess st├ęphanie of Monaco this is pretty cool this is Prince Albert’s Schreiber collection Prince of Monaco you may not believe this but this is the first time I’m seeing a count as a person oh yes they are do you have some yes three three oh my god I love dogs Oh taxi huh Bulldogs okay just you know you can take the breakfast – okay no it’s no it’s not I mean in the car it really like yeah but the wider audience like you know I’ve used about a quarter of my instrument yeah that sometimes to know what they want to see right right well new please so if you were to combine top here yeah like a cartoon so hard especially so respected but I mean that so I finished autistic guys anything yeah should patrick dempsey launched his own partial comment oh right it’s cute when you have an unsound so much yeah okay right I don’t actually watch my classic company finally almost making but the newest supercar this time what I do I usually action the classics and classy Yeah right we do let’s check on I’ve gotta talk to you we are heading from Monaco to the mall and today is the very first day we are gonna be heading to the track which is about an hour and a half drive away from here to the roof we wanted quickly morning which one are you driving yes I I had a great vantage point and I did indeed alright so change of plan quickly cuz country put his name all over the gt3 RS which is fair enough so I am actually gonna go in the Panamera today it for the first leg alright a little bit some driving like a granny hey there hi forward sure I can always move forward two two three RS top front Patrick leading a dojo what is it it’s cool he’s got a monkey on there why have you got a monkey on you car and we’re about to hit the track Racing is basically in tag boy is DNA so Jack Boyer the great grandson of the founder of thumb tag originally Moya was there actually yesterday with us and he’s the one who started sponsoring motorsport it was a very first person to think of sponsoring motor sports oh that’s pretty cool oh yeah that works hello hello very shiny diamonds always work yeah I’ve got this is called an Octavia so this is a this they launched I think about a year and a half ago nice two years ago this was this new one it’s quite non-sexually I’ve worn it quite a bit so it’s a bit no I know he’s really on it oh yeah it’s actually quite you know scary okay alright so next time I see you I’ll be screaming around the truck that’s a problem why is it called the gt40 that’s because it’s 40 inches the top of the car which was regulation for the races don’t worry are getting out of the home lab right here grandson of the founder of Takuya I’m gonna go legs and then body I’m gonna stop it okay great night was it frustrating on the drive out here I can’t move Patrick I call you know I’ve never been strapped in this tight I don’t know if Patrick must have something going on so what kind of speeds are we gonna get up to cuz you know I don’t know I haven’t really been paying attention I’m just still learning the track yep oh is this the best time you can’t even hear the screaming over this how’s that for you without okay you know what you’re doing men boy no I think you got one cone though just watch out for that last guy was it me or him I don’t know just a boys you’re always in the way anyway why don’t we just get rid of the moment coins see you need it’s only not good all right Patrick thank you so much you’re a champion it’s a pleasure thank you thank you racing gloves on it’s all official now right wave goodbye here and we’re going live yes breaking point is just under here the only one gone now right u-turn at this point and you accelerate to return in this one you can straight line before breaking the very good effects inside so in general in wiki don’t go boiled car 39:11 cup cup it’s Jen ones go for 260 horsepower rear engine 4.5 liter engine hey-ya note 60 in about three seconds paddle shift that’s about everything all right on to the next thing now we’re off to Jamiroquai and we’re gonna meet him it’s gonna be awesome at JK they’re coming for you I see the stage right here we’re going dancing are we done yeah we were talking about messing oh yeah you won’t believe so my battery just ran dead in the middle of the interview not my deal so much that runs dead you know oh yeah so what what is the inspiration from the Hat it’s inspired by the Pangolin in danger yeah okay so the original album title is gonna be penguins I like the fact that there’s a really in danger on endangered animals so we kind of inspired the Hat with the plates if you see a Pangolin a real penguin you see the sort of metal plate okay okay and Jamiroquai that name how long did it take you to learn to spell it yeah yeah well today you’re funny cuz cuz what did somebody say to me when I started they said they said how are we ever gonna say what’s the name again nobody’s gonna be out of said yeah when they do they won’t forgive me it’s very very good it’s very true well it’s a pleasure to meet you um hopefully we can come by and check out your lime green buffer no imprimatur over there gonna be amazing amazing such a such a pleasure we’re heading out to Dempsey racing Ramsey proton racing it’s actually the ordinary and they’re doing super super well at the moment you guys can i film this not really yes yes he’s an engineer he should be being in touch with the drivers hi pocket of you wait for the camera it’s more important I know okay yeah I mean he needs a few more rolls I think for to be a Michelin Man you know the Michelin Man has been doing a lot of cardio lately and it’s paying off yeah I can’t see any all right I suppose that’s no children yes yes I may be tears where they’re baking the time tires here yeah all of them so what they do is they keep them up to temperature so they they take them hot from the oven don’t worry about it yeah so we have full body how do you use any replacement for now no more so good dog I have to ask you because those of us who only know you from TV what beats you moreover thrill is that these stories alert lights camera action the guys and not just the team atmosphere and also the stakes you know it’s not undertake if there’s something about that that brings everybody together and up and down the paddock home and the Porsche teams we all pull together this is the elite of the elite when it comes to endurance racing this is the most prestigious the most challenging in the olders how many races did you do I did four that’s amazing this is my hero thank you so much for showing me around your garage it’s been a great week we’ve had a baby so much honestly to my lovely go ahead I’m just leavin it’s a pleasure to meet you

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