Patrick Dempsey’s Personal Car Collection

Patrick Dempsey’s Personal Car Collection


I video chat to Patrick Dempsey who’s currently hunkered down in Malibu, California. We talk about what cars he owns, what’s happening with his racing team and what new skills he’s picked up while in quarantine.Thanks to Patrick and make sure to show him some love on Instagram – go follow him Much love, AlexFollow me on:

hi guys welcome to the Hangout it’s supercar blondie today we are gonna be hanging out with TV and movie star Patrick Dempsey those of you who have watched Grey’s Anatomy will know him as mr. McDreamy you took advantage of me and now you want to forget about I did not I was drunk available and good-looking and you took advantage okay I was the one who was drunk and you are not that good-looking but what you may not know is that he’s a massive car fan and he actually owns his own racing team Dempsey proton racing and they actually recently won their category at l’amour L’Amour is like the pinnacle of racing Dempsey proton win in GTE Christian rejoined by teen driver just before we cross to LA here’s a fun car fact for you guys people all around the world are discovering easter eggs in their jeeps every jeep comes with a hidden imprint or sticker if you own a jeep go down tomorrow or today whenever as quickly as you can try and find your hidden easter egg they’re called easter eggs but they could be for example like this guy’s he just uploaded him finding his Easter egg on tick tock and it went viral watch this so I bought my first car and a fun fact about Jesus that they have a hidden animal which is called an easter egg well I couldn’t find my Easter egg for the longest time and one day I was pumping my gas and I saw this butter coming at me I was like oh my god and then I realize is my easter egg also whoever finds the hidden message in this YouTube video will get a supercar blondie cap signed by me I’m gonna sign them tomorrow the first person who sees this hidden message pop it in the comments section and also just put your Instagram or some way that I can contact you email or Instagram and I’m gonna send this baby out to you alright let’s head to LA I mean honestly this is the first time I’ve done here and makeup for about five days so showered too so I think we’re both winning at this point at the moment what is the situation where you are well the numbers are still coming up yes you know if I’m not listening to the news it’s really quite nice it’s beautiful you know then when you look at the news it’s quite disturbing yep but you know starting to relax some of the restrictions the beaches are opening up this weekend okay which means it will be crazy out here have you got your bacon ready yeah but can you sir can you leave the house at this point oh that’s gonna Howard Hughes right everything free everything when lockdown came into effect were you filming at that point what what actually got interrupted I was in New York just starting a new show called waves means okay we were about to be with table read and the production manager producer was like we’re losing locations this is just and at that point we wrote a letter to CBS said we’re putting people and this is in New York so including people yeah are you okay your family’s good oh yeah everybody’s good my daughter’s you know 18 and graduating in two days Wow so that’s kind of depressing for her didn’t have the prom graduations that whole generation of 2020 is really missing out on all the fun stuff so we’re going to do a drive through graduation which will be sort of like the California day like so what what car what car yeah the drive are you serious yeah so this is going to be held at the school grounds and people are literally going to drive through and you go into the sunset okay so what car are you gonna take her there in well that’s the question yeah you want a vintage car you want a modern car what we did what’s she into she’s into everything just like old new just like you yeah yeah hot wheels article I don’t know if you’ve seen it but lists the cars that you own now we’re gonna play true or false I’ve swapped some cars around okay okay okay so you can just say yes was true not don’t have any anymore but the thing is is that I they wrote an article on me as well and apparently I owned about 20 different prototypes worth five million dollars each I was like yeah that’s older actually do you know what should we just stop with that let me just grab the that’s right let’s start with this one the panel’s the panelists Bronte I don’t have it anymore I did have a custom-built I got racing through the racing series so yeah so that opened me up into getting into some GT racing they had a good competitive schools a time that wrote Atlanta Lane what panel Z’s Dawn was a guy who created the pack she made a ton of money off of that to quit smoking that’s when he his claim to fame was and he loved car racing and he brought a bunch of tracks like Sebring was Ford Road Atlanta and he just dumped a ton of money in it and his son wanted to create a car and they wanted to go to the mall so they created the ultimately one la maza manufacturer oh okay so that’s how it kind of souls started oh that’s cool yes do you own a Mercedes Benz SLS the Gullwing the new one so that all your cars yeah mostly poor so now it’s only Porsche so when I go through this list you’re probably not gonna own any of this anymore the Lotus you don’t have that exceeds Lotus gave me that car to play with for 30 Jaggi type yeah have you type v12 for a really long time gift from my wife okay so the Jaggi types gone then obviously this one the Mercedes SL roadster is gone as well right Ferrari Daytona gone you’ve got that have you got the 1982 Porsche 911 yes what about the gt3 RS amigo though the gt3 RS which is the one with the black and the the orange or the brown or that car I sold to I sold that car to go to Lamar I was like I gotta go so I was like a little short on cash let me sell a couple cars to get some Porsches had to go yeah fair enough do you reckon that you could have gotten into car racing if you’d never been an actor before because honestly we all know racing cars is really expensive just yeah would have been really hard to to be able to do it at the level I was doing in unless you have a lot of support yeah or you just have deep pockets to race the law is very expensive you know the race is getting up to it the series to be able to race in a series that has multiple classes and all of those things now I mean that was a great blessing with the with fame came racing at what point did you start racing were you on grace at that point was that before us it was all sort of ramping up simultaneously like grace was happening as well as the racing I was all sort of escalating at the same time yeah um I’ve heard that you don’t mind being called McDreamy because that’s just how it is now that’s kind of goes along with your identity right you can’t just like swap people down on the street when they call you again you show out Devils and you are a CEO of an investment bank I don’t know what’s going on in your mind but I’m not the enemy do you reckon that you can get a new nickname from that show to replace are you thinking I’m thinking maybe a mr. mcmoney so you’re telling me that you’d rather kick me over the money how about filming the show did you have fun he always great because we shot half of it in Rome and the other half was in England it’s a financial thriller takes place around the crash and talks about what happens with European perspective during the crash the economic crash doesn’t what are you keeping busy with at the moment besides you know you’re showering once a day and a bed for me takes about two hours at this point I’m sore the grocery shopping doing dishes or cooking okay so when’s your YouTube channel starting Patrick it’s gonna be a hit made a huge hit I don’t know avvocato on toast or something that might be a hit pop it on you Cheers how it goes in more serious topic limo yeah like in these not happening this year that’s being moved everything’s being moved to August and it’s strange because it was every springe for pilgrimage see did you the Monaco Grand Prix indeed or LeMond and to change that it’s so surreal sorry LeMond has been postponed now until September so how are you guys preparing have you been able to prepare it all keep your racing skills up I think everybody’s doing their training your training running or whatever you can do and wherever you are in the world cycling trying to stay in shape and no one’s in course right now if you guys don’t come lockdown soon is that something you’d actually pull out of all together I think it’s gonna be hard for people to pull out you know with the sponsorship and things like that we’re gonna have to do something whether continue on and the iRacing and doing stuff on the virtual space things like that they’re gonna have to activate something for the sponsors where that money is going to go and those teams are gonna fall yeah yeah well we’ll just have to wait and see I suppose as you said no I wanted to know do you keep some of your cars there at your home yes I have two cars here at the 356 which I have had since I was 18 and then the 280 the the Mercedes can you I dream for one of those like cool car garages I’ve seen some epic ones where there’s an elevator straight down into the garage and then all of that there’s mirrors the whole garage is coated with so that when the lights go on at the top it’s reflected in all the mirrors and on all of the cars and then behind that they actually have a bar where they can invite their visitors in and you just sit at the bar and look at all the cars unbelievable okay here’s a quick fire round for you what car would you take to run to the shops with which car the take them would be good the only take in that I can is Fred the electric cars for what one would you ferry the kids around in same one you could do the same one because they like the acceleration they all like freak out you accelerate yeah what car would you take for a long drive long drive yeah yes I like the Panamera their gran turismo yep okay and then what would you take for a quick thrill oh you do the gt3 in the canyons yeah really nice that’s it you’re off the hook you can go back to whatever it was you were doing I don’t know are you learning a new skill now something or our districts I’m learning really to enjoy dish’s bracing the cleaning as the meditation hey do you want to join me on fortnight one day because basically I’m playing against five-year-old kids when I’m on fortnight and it’s just I think maybe I need to get a new hobby hey I’m Patrick sorry I forgot to ask you something I think people listening would be very interested in this if someone is wanting to be a an actor and have the kind of success that you’ve had what would be your one tip to give that person watching right now yeah good question I think you can get into writing so you can create material for yourself and you know yourself better than anyone yeah create your own content you know so understand that understand the technical side with the cameras and then read you know read as much as you can to understand story and narrative and put all those together because you see the careers that are really that have great longevity or very powerful they’re doing all of this they’re taking that are directing their writing and they’re starting in the room yes the good universities deal in back east in the states Carnegie Mellon’s another 50 actual school that college the good why do you think that’s important for connections or do you actually think that you can learn to become an excellent actor through that school I think there’s a lot of really good technique that comes out of that stuff that certainly the the networking the pedigree really helps you and just gives you a starting block you know it gives you a nice foundation to start with same question but for your other love which is racing cars someone watching now and they want to become a professional racecar driver what would you say to them as you know your biggest tip I think I racing right now is really good it’s the simulation of the tracks you’ll learn the tracks that were not ever we can sort of use that skill set but sometimes I get emotions it’s not something a lot of people will use it and carding is a really efficient way to get into to racing without spending too much money then you slowly get into it but dude the proper racing school so you get the fundamentals and then you can kind of go from there I think it’s the best way in this tide I don’t know if Patrick must have something going on so what kind of speeds are we gonna get up to because you know what I don’t know I haven’t really been paying attention I’m just still learning the track yep is the best time you know what you’re doing men I think you got one cone though just watch out for that last guy just cause you’re always in the way anyway why don’t we just get rid of them oh it’s only not done all right Patrick thank you so much you’re a champion it’s a pleasure thank you we’ll catch you later cuz it’s late now it’s 9:15 here and I’ve got lots of wine to drink so is being disciplined it’s not working so don’t lie to me you’re about to go and have a mimosa I know really I have to wait two more minutes no worries you can pull through mate I baked it we’ll see yeah all right thanks so much for hanging out with me guys really appreciate you make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t yet give the video a quick thumbs up that’s it until next time love ya bye you

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