Patrol EV? Nissan will produce a large electric SUV

Patrol EV? Nissan will produce a large electric SUV


Electric range Nissan may soon replenish a large SUV that will sit down next to Leaf and the new crossover Ariya, which will be launched at the end of 2021. The new SUV is the natural next step given the demand for such vehicles in China and the United States.

Ariya recently presented uses a new architecture CMF-EV modular platform designed exclusively for electric models. As other car manufacturers such as Volkswagen and its electric platform MEB, it is expected that the family of Nissan models will use this new architecture, given the significant investment.

The head of Nissan Europe EV, Helen Perry, hinted at a large SUV, saying:

“The platform will be used for other cars in the future. Segments C-SUV D-SUV is expected to grow approximately 300% over the next three years, so we plan to use the platform in the segments of growth in the next few years.”

Nissan has promised that by 2023, 50% of the model line will be electrified, but Perry does not disclose whether there will be the next EV to this date.


“It all depends on the demand of the customer,” she said. “If we ran Ariya on the market before, I’m not sure that clients would be ready. Technology would not have been so modern as at the start. Although Covid-19 was terrible, it forced customers to rethink what’s important – for example, emissions”.

Electric large SUV will have a power reserve of approximately 50 km, which corresponds to the maximum range Ariya. Perry did not write off the future of electric vehicles, offering greater distance, but said that the 500 km Ariya is an important threshold for attracting consumers.

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