PaxPower Jackal pickup sharpened Sierra’s fangs

PaxPower Jackal pickup sharpened Sierra’s fangs


In the factory range of the GMC Sierra pickup, there is no “charged” version competing with the Ford F-150 Raptor (but with some convention, one can consider a variation of the Sierra AT4 for this). However, the ubiquitous tuning studios make up for the shortfall. This time the redesigned model is presented by the Texas company PaxPower, and the name of such a pickup is given by Jackal (“jackal”). The Stage 1 kit includes a Borla stainless steel exhaust system and suspension reshaping, as well as exterior refinements.

The atelier installs wheel arch extensions (on Stage 1, +76 mm) or even wider fenders (Stage 2), adding 102 mm of width. The Texans have prepared a new hood for the pickup, improvements in the suspension and, of course, engine boost packages.

The Stage 1 kit adds King Racing coilovers (front Coilover) shocks to the suspension, 63mm lift and 89mm overall ride height as 35-inch off-road tires are included.

At Stage 2, in addition to the suspension lift, new shock absorbers and wheels, the standard levers are also changed to specially made ones (this increases the suspension travel), and Deaver springs with a progressive characteristic appear at the back. For the Stage 1 kit, PaxPower asks for $ 17,950, and for the Stage 2 – $ 27,950. Engine boost is paid separately ($ 12,500). It implies the installation of a Whipple Gen 5 3.0 drive supercharger, which makes the power of the “eight” 5.3 grows from 360 to 507 forces, and if a pickup with a V8 6.2 engine is taken as the basis, then its output increases from 426 to 659 “horses”. PaxPower is ready to reshape its sister Chevrolet Silverado in exactly the same way.

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