Pay OSAGO in installments without commissions at

Pay OSAGO in installments without commissions at


Insurance rarely brings joy at the time of purchase due to the nature of the product. Therefore, the online insurance service decided to make the purchase of a policy a little more pleasant and was the first in the insurance market to add the option of paying in installments when issuing OSAGO.

How does payment in installments work?

It’s simple: the payment is divided into 3 parts. You pay the first one right away, and the other 2 are debited in the next two months. At the same time, there are no additional commissions and interests for you (service at the expense of

Pay attention! This is rarely written about in terms of lending based on the payment format in installments, but it is important to convey all the nuances. The first installment without commissions can be paid even with credit funds. The second and third are only personal, that is, you must have a positive balance on the card (if it is a credit card). If the required amount is not available, the bank additionally charges a commission for payment from the credit funds. Therefore, when paying for insurance in installments, it is better to use a card, which will definitely contain the required amount (the amount of the monthly payment).

Customer benefits

  1. You pay a third of the cost of insurance and immediately receive a ready-made policy by email. Pay the rest of the money later without overpaying.
  2. Payment in installments is a free installment plan (at 0.01% per annum) for you without commissions and overpayments.

When paying in installments, all discounts, bonuses and promotional codes of the service apply.

How to pay for insurance in installments?

Next to the insurance, which can be paid in installments, there is a corresponding sign, and the amount of the monthly payment is calculated.

After entering all the data, click the “Pay in installments” button and pay the initial payment.

Done. After payment, you will immediately receive a ready-made policy to your email.

So, to summarize, now car insurance in Ukraine has become even more convenient thanks to the service.

And if your OSAGO expires: go to the site, calculate the cost of the policy for your car and use the new service – payment in parts.

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