Pay the fine cheaper than parking

Pay the fine cheaper than parking


If the fine is paid within 10 days, there is a 50% “discount”. If you use this option, it turns out to be even cheaper to be fined than paying for a car left in the toll zone.

In July 2021, the Kiev authorities raised prices for paid parking and changed parking zones – the first (the most expensive) one was expanded, in the second “islands” appeared with the prices of the first, and in the third – with the tariffs of the second. Leaving the car for one hour in the first zone costs 35 UAH, the second – 25 UAH, the third – 5 UAH. At the same time, as Focus calculated, if the car needs to be left in a parking space for a whole day, then a conscientious payment for the services of KP “Kyivtransparkservice” will cost the car owner more than a fine.

Parking at the sites of the specified checkpoint is paid on weekdays from 08:00 to 22:00. Therefore, those wishing to leave their cars in such parking lots for the whole day (14 paid hours) need to spend:

  • in 1 zone – 490 UAH;
  • in zone 2 – 350 UAH;
  • in zone 3 – 70 UAH.

The fine for unpaid parking is currently equal to 20 times the cost of one hour of parking. Accordingly, violators must pay:

  • in 1 zone – 700 UAH;
  • in zone 2 – UAH 500;
  • in zone 3 – 100 UAH.

At the same time, Kyivtransparkservice, in response to a request from journalists, reported that a 50% discount is provided for paying a fine within ten days from the date of its registration, which means:

  • in 1 zone – 350 UAH;
  • in zone 2 – 250 UAH;
  • in the 3rd zone – 50 UAH.

It turns out an absurd situation – if the driver pays a fine, and not the cost of parking per day, he saves from 20 to 140 UAH.

We add that parking at the Kyivtransparkservice sites is paid exclusively by non-cash methods, through the Kiev digital, Privat24, ParkingUA and EasyPay applications or through the EasyPay and IPay sites. You can find a map of city paid parking lots here.

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