Pensioner in a Ferrari flew into a shopping center (video)

Pensioner in a Ferrari flew into a shopping center (video)


In the community of Sant Julia de Loria (Andorra), there was a non-trivial traffic accident. According to local media reports, the 82-year-old male Ferrari 512 TR driver lost control, knocked down a fence, crossed the sidewalk and crashed into a shopping center window. As a result of the incident, the driver himself, his 59-year-old passenger and a 44-year-old store employee were injured, but the injuries were minor, and all three were discharged from the hospital on the same day.

According to preliminary information, the cause of the accident was the speeding by the Ferrari driver. The man was lucky that before Christmas both the sidewalk and the showroom were not crowded, otherwise the incident could have tragic consequences.

The Ferrari 512 TR is a mid-engined two-seater supercar of the 1991 model with a naturally aspirated 4.9-liter twelve-cylinder boxer engine producing 422 horsepower (491 Nm of torque). The only available gearbox is a 5-speed manual transmission, the drive is to the rear axle.

The front part of the body took the main blow, but also the chassis, because the supercar literally flew into the window. Since the 512 TR is a fairly common model (circulation – more than 2260 copies), restoration of the coupe will not be a problem.

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