People loved it: the network has shown a unique factory pickup ZAZ-968МП

People loved it: the network has shown a unique factory pickup ZAZ-968МП


Zaporizhia automobile plant is known for its rear-engined runabout around the world.

The cars of the brand “Zaporozhets” were marked not only by the layout of the powertrain, but the body style “two door sedan” V-shaped four-cylinder carbureted air-cooled engine, independent suspension on all wheels, as well as a standalone gasoline heater.

Specifically for in-plant operation of Zaporizhia automobile building plant was doing riding pickups on the basis of the vehicles with the defective bodies.

Such “vans” did not seem particularly functional, but with the aim of increasing the range of products the manufacturer has decided to release the pickups in series, for sale.


Since 1990 the Soviet market, a new car ZAZ-968МП, which was established on the basis of the standard of “Zaporozhets” ZAZ-968M. To create a pickup at the “Eared” cut off the rear part of the roof, and between the double cabin and a motor with back linking equipped with a small cargo Bay.

Technically ZAZ-968МП was no different from the usual “Zaporozhets”. Under its hood was located V-shaped petrol “four” working volume of 1.2 liters and output 45 horsepower, which was combined with 4-speed manual transmission.

However, to exploit ZAZ-968МП was not too convenient. Due to the engine in the rear overhang was not possible to increase the modest volume of cargo compartment, and the lack of folding walls or doors complicates loading and unloading.


So, in 1994, the production of the original Zaporozhye pickups stopped. During this time, the plant produced 2.5 thousand copies.

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