“People’s train”: the Peugeot will prepare a version available e-208

“People’s train”: the Peugeot will prepare a version available e-208


French Peugeot may soon provide more budget version of its compact electric vehicle e-208. It became known on Saturday, may 2. According to the brand Manager of the brand for electric cars Anne-Liz Richards, the company shall take into account all the needs of customers. At the moment customers do not consider the price tag too high, however, with the development of the infrastructure electric cars will become more popular and should be available to more people.

In this case, Peugeot can produce more budget-friendly version e-208 with a smaller battery capacity. According to preliminary data, the price tag on this car will not exceed 22,000 pounds ($27 500).


However, the production of two different versions will incur additional production costs, so the decision will be taken only after a feasibility study.

Today, dealers offer Peugeot model e-208 battery 50 kW/h – power reserve this version is 339 km without recharging. In the case of using a battery of 37 kWh, the power reserve of the car is reduced to 241 km, which is still pretty good for a compact city car.

Also suggest you to see a detailed test drive Peugeot e-208 from the team InfoCar.ua:

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