Petrol-scented electric cars: what does Aston Martin prepare?


The new owner of the company? Aston Martin, Canadian Lawrence Stroll has decided on the electric future of the brand. In an interview with the Financial Times, he said that by 2025 the automaker will release two all-electric models: a sports car and a crossover.

More interesting is how Stroll described the sports electric car. It will be … a “correct” sports car with a front engine and, apparently, rear-wheel drive. This layout is classic for gasoline cars, but the choice in its favor in the case of internal combustion engines is dictated solely by design restrictions.

So, rear-wheel drive is simpler than full-wheel drive and allows you to realize more power in comparison with the front. And the front-mounted combustion engine improves weight distribution. However, electric motors are compact and lightweight, and the location of the battery affects the weight distribution of electric vehicles.

In theory, Aston Martin can actually make an electric sports car behave like a gasoline counterpart. Stroll cited the DB11 as such. However, in this case, the car will be doomed to lose in speed and controllability to those competitors, which from the very beginning were created on purely electric platforms.

Stroll did not specify what the electric crossover will be, noting only that it will be made in England, and the sports car – in Wales. The electric drive is expected to be borrowed from Mercedes, but Stroll noted that other options are being considered.

Recall that Aston Martin planned large-scale transformations with the release of new electric vehicles under the Lagonda brand in 2021. However, at the end of 2019, the company actually went bankrupt and came under Stroll’s control. He first of all curtailed all new expensive projects, including electric cars. Now, the management of Aston Martin promises that after 2030 the brand will only have electric cars or rechargeable hybrids.

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