Peugeot 208 GTi vs Renault Clio 200 Vs Ford Fiesta ST | Series 20 | BBC

Peugeot 208 GTi vs Renault Clio 200 Vs Ford Fiesta ST | Series 20 | BBC


It’s the Battle of the GTi’s as Richard test drives the Peugeot 208 GTi, Renault Sport Clio 200, and Ford Fiesta ST. Who will be the king of the Hot Hatch?Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

north 60s dispatched in under seven seconds and then comes the talk got a lot of 203 foot-pounds it’s like surfing a giant wave of exploding petrol the designers have been allowed to enjoy themselves too because everywhere you look there are little reminders of the much-loved 205 GTI it’s good it shows intent like this chubby little steering wheel it says come on then let’s get on and do something which brings us neatly to the most important part of a GTI what happens when you ask it to go Randa corner come on a flippers yeah let’s see if you can set my trousers on it does eat up corners it’s light there’s loads of grip and I swear I’m cocking a wheel I’m sure I up that’s a wheel in the air bit of that turn the indicators off and carry on like you meant it that’s how I do it there’s no doubt about it this car is a real return to form from a company that’s been stuck in a rut of dreary boxes for too long but remember we’re now in a GTI war and to win it the Peugeot must take on this the brand-new hot Renault Clio 197 brake horsepower from like the Peugeot a 1.6 litre turbo but where the Persia looks back to the old 205 the Renault is aimed squarely at today’s computer geeks this central screen here I’ve got gauges a lot of them I’ve got the G diagram of my G and then this is real PlayStation the stuff but you can actually change the sound of the engine do you go into the menu and then you can select the noise from different cars it’s like a Renault Alpine which is an old classic or even a Nissan GTR so I’m gonna have got a v6 oh that sense yeah if ten-year-olds could drive they would love this and then when you push this button a strangely familiar crash helmet appears and you can do this it makes no right to great everything a lot more hard without doubt that computerized clear has a more juvenile streak than the Persia but sadly it also has a really annoying problem this gearbox it’s about as sharp as a vicar sweeping up leaves through the bags it just doesn’t have the speed to react there’s another problem the whole idea of a flappy paddle gearbox in a hot hatch I don’t want to sound like James Mayo I prefer the old-fashioned type but I do changing gear is a vital form of self-expression that I’m being denied it’s not like he can opt for a manual either because with this car it’s flappy paddle or nothing the high-tech little Renault is good but the stupid gearbox spoils your fun and that leaves it vulnerable to attack from this the Ford Fiesta ST it’s been five two long years since Ford gave us a javier stern and on paper this thing looks to be going into battle with the frenches on the back foot because like the other two it’s got a 1.6 liter turbo but 20 brake horsepower less 179 but here’s the thing the other two each cost just under 19 grand this is two grand cheaper yet despite the reasonable price the Fiesta certainly looks the part it’s got fat 17-inch alloys Recaro seats and a full suite of skirts spoilers and big exhausts all of which is very nice but with that 20 horsepower deficit the Fiesta is still likely to get a pasting in a drag race but you never know this is lighter and it has more torque they might win or come second tend to give as quickly as I can come on come on come on oh yes it’s it’s it’s done the third thing it’s did the third option but then I took the Ford for a spot of cornering this is the others have had their suspension lowered a bit this is an its drop fire hold juicy fifteen millimeters you could feel it corners flat it’s not just about being nearer the ground everything about the Fiesta the steering the handling the responsiveness is peerless they’ve got this bang on right it’s brilliant and when you switch the traction control off it really is off have remembered the key mantra of a hot hatch it’s not just what it does it’s how it makes you feel while it’s doing it you go put a price on that so conclusion time the pirjo and the Renault are really very good but the Ford the Ford is simply brilliant you you

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