Peugeot 405 and Alfa Romeo 33 sport: in Argentina, sell the stock “new” cars from the 90s

Peugeot 405 and Alfa Romeo 33 sport: in Argentina, sell the stock “new” cars from the 90s


In the Argentine city of Avellaneda found a warehouse with unsold cars Italian brands Fiat and Alfa Romeo, which was released at the end of the last century. All cars without mileage and are in perfect condition, albeit rather dusty over the decades of inactivity.

The representative of the company Kaskote Calcos, who was hired to rubble, said that the warehouse belonged to the once famous dealer center Ganza. In the late 90-ies of the owner of the business died and soon after three decades, the land on which was built the showroom and warehouse was located, put up for sale. In the abandoned premises of the new owner of the land and found a collection of Italian cars.

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??Vamos a Pasar a Contar un Poco la Historia de Los veh?culos que Ya Tenemos con nosotros.. Paso a Contar lo que nos han contado: En Principio tuvimos la Suerte que nos Contactan por Instagram ofreci?ndonos el Lote de Veh?0km culos que le quedaban, a lo Cual nos Interesa e intriga mucho y accedemos… Ya una vez con esta Persona le preguntamos como era la Historia, y resumidamente nos Cuenta: Que un Conocido Hab?a heredado unas Cuantas propiedades donde hab?a algunos dentro de galpones esa herencia y en uno de ellos Hab?a Toda estas Unidades de Veh?culos 0km ? (Fiat Uno 70s “Italiano”, Fiat Tipo, Duna, Ducato, Tempra “oro”, the Alfa Romeo 33 Pininfarina,Alfa Romeo 133, Peugeot 405) Lo Cual el Heredero de Semejante Tesoro, no ten?a inter?s de Tal, Solo Reclamo Sus Propiedades, Lo que Manifiesta El al Abrir este Galp?n y ver todos los Autos all? dentro dijo: “Saquen Toda esta Mugre de ac? Que Quiero vender mi Galp?n” ?Ac? Les dejo algunas Fotos de La “Mugre”? ??MENSIONA UN AMIGO PARA QUE LEA ESTA LINDA HISTORIA?? ?By Kaskote?

Published By Axel Kaskote? (@kaskotecalcos)24 Mar 2020 at 1:57 PDT

Unsold the party consisted of hatchbacks Fiat Uno and Tipo, vans and sedans Duplo Duna and Tempra and wagon Alfa Romeo 33. Mysteriously among the Italian car was one instance of a Peugeot 405. They will all be washed and put up for sale.


In mid-March in Pennsylvania, USA, found a huge warehouse with a few cars from different eras. The collection included cars 20-ies of the last century, and the youngest was the car assembled in the ‘ 70s.

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