Peugeot abandons ice in Europe

Peugeot abandons ice in Europe


Peugeot, following other automakers, is preparing for the full electrification of the model range, but so far this plan applies only to the European market. According to Automotive News, the French brand will abandon the production and sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines in Europe in 2030. At the same time, in other countries where Peugeot is present and which are not yet ready for the mass distribution of electric cars, it will still be possible to buy a car with a gasoline engine.

“As Peugeot moves to the new Stellantis platforms, we will be phasing out vehicles with internal combustion engines from the European lineup,” the head of the French brand Linda Jackson said in an interview with the publication. “However, cars with internal combustion engines will remain in other markets.” Earlier, a similar statement was made by the management of other brands that are part of the Stellantis concern, namely DS, Alfa Romeo and Opel.

DS is the first to electrify its lineup: the premium brand Citroen will have no cars with conventional engines by 2026. Next, in 2027, Alfa Romeo will give up petrol cars, and a year later, in 2028, Opel will join them.

As for Peugeot, so far there are only two electric cars in the brand’s passenger range: these are “green” versions of the 208 and Peugeot 2008. The premiere of the third battery car, the 308 hatchback, is scheduled for 2023.

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