Peugeot introduced the Boxer van 4×4

Peugeot introduced the Boxer van 4×4


Show Cara got a new elegant grille and unusual front bumper in body color. Powerful flashlights in the box on the roof side by side with the canadian canoe, which is considered part of the concept, as electric mountain bike Peugeot eM02 FS Powertube strapped to the stern.

The PSA group has emphatically introduces all wheel drive on their cars. Minivans are already running in production, came the large vans such as the Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper. To study the reaction of customers and prepared a conceptual Boxer 4×4 with the drivetrain from the French company Dangel. Ground clearance is increased, but does not say how much (depending on the version of the base clearance varies within 155-224 mm). Installed toothy tires BFGoodrich.

In Germany, the passenger version is equipped with a Boxer Kombi 2.2 diesel BlueHDi (120 HP, 310 Nm and 140 HP, 340 Nm) with a six-speed “mechanics”. Prices start from 29 euros 756.


Useful area 10 m2, according to Peugeot, suitable for long-term accommodation of three people. Somewhere there should be a washer selector to change modes, all-wheel drive. In the “shell” under your feet? Never seen anything special, except for the turquoise accents.

Details about all-wheel drive system, the French are held before the world premiere of the show car. It will take place at the exhibition Salon VDL (Vehicules de Loisirs), which opened in Le Bourget on September 28. While it is possible to assume that the rear axle is connected via a viscous coupling and receives 70% of the time. Concepts Peugeot 4×4 Rifter, whose successor is named Boxer 4×4, and 4X4 SpaceTourer ? was arranged that way.

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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