Peugeot Onyx: unreal concept with a real racing motor

Peugeot Onyx: unreal concept with a real racing motor


Surrealism on wheels from carbon, copper and paper with a huge V8 diesel race car Peugeot 908 has turned cooler the other Ferrari.

Last year the company Peugeot has struck the world of retro-futuristic concept E-Legend, which became a kind of nod to the designers of the brand are developed in Studio Pininfarina, the iconic 504 Coupe. However, and to him the French do not just represent bomber show cars. Take, which debuted at the Paris motor show 2012 Peugeot Onyx prototype. It is interesting not only for original stylistic solutions, different know-how, and also the fact that later on some of them we have seen on production models, but the real engine of a racing car that participated and won the “Le Mans” in class prototypes.


On the front is emblazoned the familiar radiator grille, which after the debut of the Onyx got first updated Peugeot 508 and 308 of the second generation, and then up-to-date “five hundred eighth”. Similar to predator claws three-vertical lights like this prototype, it came later on the whole model range of the company. But the unusual-looking multi-layered, reminiscent of shutters, the construction at the stern, responsible for redirecting ambient exterior air flow, was a feature exclusively of the show car.

Access to no less enchanting salon “Onyx” is through the door of a huge thickness, which not only swing open to the side, but still moved forward for the convenience of embarkation and disembarkation. Front panel with a surface resembling the texture of wood, is actually made from compressed old Newspapers (Newspaper Wood or so-called “newspaper tree”), and executed as a single unit without seams and joints wall, floor and ceiling covered with material similar to felt.

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Also in the interior you can find aluminum and carbon fiber. For example, on a compact oval wheel racing style passed on to him by the buttons, controls lighting and sound system. And just behind the “wheel” sits miniature instrument panel with tachometer and a speedometer marked up to 410 km/h.

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