Peugeot Rifter: charismatic and traveler

Peugeot Rifter: charismatic and traveler


Van PEUGEOT RIFTER was presented at the Geneva motor show just 2 years ago and already managed to win the title of “Best car buying in Europe,” according to the results of the international competition Autobest 2019.

For whom is this car? For those who have life is expensive and who often spends time outside the city. For those who have a big family who appreciates friends and the company. For tireless travellers and researchers. Innovative design is completely designed in a premium style. Solid, reliable, created for new impressions – this is PEUGEOT RIFTER.

The unbridled desire to be behind the wheel

The technical platform for the PEUGEOT RIFTER gives the car a universal adaptability and a high margin of safety. With this machine you are able to overcome any obstacles. And Yes, this car inspires travel and evokes the desire not to leave the driver’s seat. With the RIFTER you will feel confident in any situation, be it urban jungle or untouched corners of nature. And will certainly get a vivid experience of driving!

The character of the athlete

PEUGEOT RIFTER is available in two versions of different lengths, respectively, in a longer version you can order additional seat. For a minivan the characteristic functional features of an SUV: high ground clearance of 180 mm, and larger 17-inch wheels, wider door. About the height and can not speak, the salon allows you to almost have to stand tall! Only the height of the doorway is 1.2 m.


PEUGEOT RIFTER looks very modern, the silhouette is carefully designed and inspires confidence. Short horizontal bonnet, short overhangs, symmetrical bevel edges on the side Windows reinforce the dynamics of the profile, and expressive wheel arches form the decisive look of the car. Invisible, but sturdy roof rails is designed for attaching various items, which is very convenient on long trips.

Convenience in everything

Comfort – very important in long journeys. So in a Rifter this time careful attention to detail.

With automatic 8-speed transmission EAT8 switching occurs smoothly and offline, so you always in the right gear.

The high location of the driver’s seat and the turning radius of 10.9 m to give more flexibility, and Advanced Control Grip provides a perfect grip.

The compact sports steering wheel fits comfortably in hand and provides high control accuracy.

8-inch touch screen provides comprehensive information about the road.

Among the features highlighted, the concept of organization of space around the driver of the Peugeot i-Cockpit – instrument panel located above the wheel. The panel with chrome surround and elegant red arrows equipped with a color display for easy readout of data, at any time of the day.

Built-in 3D navigation with voice control allows you to easily find any point on the ground.

And two USB, AUX, can connect your smartphone to the system via Bluetooth, and will work with Mirror Link, Apple Carplay and Android Auto makes the van… mini-office!

Rack 4000 liters

Special pride PEUGEOT RIFTER – superplastically trunk capacity: from 775 liters in the base model, up to 4000 long.

The front passenger seat folds to carry long items to a regular car just won’t fit. With such a good car to get to remote places for fishing, hunting, mountain – he will carry a maximum of equipment and the remoteness from civilization will be invisible.

For personal belongings of the driver and passengers there are special compartments – there are several types, and they are located throughout the cabin.

Environmental friendliness and economic efficiency

Diesel engines 1.6 HDi 92 (environmental standard Euro-5) and 1.5 BlueHDi 130 (Euro 6, only available in the model Allure) fully meet the environmental requirements of the worldwide harmonized test procedure vehicles light-duty emissions. As for fuel consumption, it will make you happy – not more than 5.5 l per 100 km For such a large car it is very economical figures.

Open your RIFTER!

To learn about this reliable and innovative car more, take a detour to one of the shops of ILTA, – “Ilta on Pechersk” or “Ilta on Kharkov”, or go to the website and select your RIFTER! It can immediately take a trip nothing to worry – because the company ILTA will provide adequate technical support for your car!

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