Phantom cars will ‘catch’ intruders in the stream

Phantom cars will ‘catch’ intruders in the stream


According to Ukrinform, the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Volodymyr Martynenko told about this on the DOM TV channel.

According to him, police officers will drive in such cars, but they will not be branded.

“We will use phantom cars – these are cars in which there is special equipment that automatically detects traffic violations. They are not branded, the police will ride in them in the general flow of vehicles and automatically detect violations “, – said Martynenko.

He added that in 2021 they want to additionally install 200 cameras for automatic detection of traffic violations on the roads of Ukraine.

“In addition to cameras, we have police detachments that use TruCAM radars. Recently, the number of stations where speed is measured using TruCAM has increased by another 60,” said the adviser to the Interior Minister.

As reported, on March 17, 2021, new fines for traffic violations came into force in Ukraine. Now for drunk driving you will have to pay from 17 thousand UAH, for speeding – up to 1700 UAH.

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