“Phantom” is not a ghost: a police car still got into an accident

“Phantom” is not a ghost: a police car still got into an accident


Not so long ago, Aleksey Beloshitsky, First Deputy Head of the Patrol Police Department, said that, contrary to the wishes of the fake distributors, all 4 “phantoms” are intact and continue to serve. However, on Saturday, February 5, around 9 am, the first of the “phantoms” got into a minor accident. On the Povitroflotsky overpass in Kiev, a woman in a Lexus RX 350, which was moving in the next lane, collided with a police car. For which the patrol issued her a decision under Article 124 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (violation of traffic rules, which provoked damage to vehicles).

Judging by the photo, the official car was practically not injured and will continue its work. Beloshitsky wrote on his Facebook page that this should not be treated as a sensation. “Phantoms” are ordinary cars, albeit with special equipment, and they have the same chance of getting into an accident as any other car on the road. Moreover, they travel around Kiev with very heavy traffic.

Also, Aleksey Beloshitsky shared information about the success of the phantoms. As of Saturday, February 5, “phantoms” automatically recorded 12,807 offenses for which decisions were issued.

Recall that these police cars for covert patrols began their work on January 25th. Those. on average, 4 cars record about 1000 offenses per day.

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