“Phantom” of the police seen on the roads of Kiev

“Phantom” of the police seen on the roads of Kiev


An unmarked Skoda Kodiaq was photographed on a public road. This is one of four “phantoms” that looks like a civilian car, but acts as a patrolman.

A gray-colored Skoda Kodiaq policeman is nothing remarkable in the traffic flow and from afar does not give out his purpose in any way – tracking traffic violations and checking cars at the bases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Only in the immediate vicinity of the crossover are flashing beacons and special equipment in the cabin disguised as decorative elements are visible. A photo of the “phantom” in its natural environment was published by the Vehicles.Exclusive Instagram account.

The police received the first four Skoda Kodiaq crossovers of the “phantom patrol” back in December 2020. These are four-wheel drive vehicles with a 2.0-liter engine and an additional set of equipment for fixing violations during the movement of the police car itself. Offenses are registered both in the direction of movement of the “phantom” and from the opposite direction.

In June 2021, Deputy Head of the Patrol Police Department Aleksey Beloshitskiy said at a press conference that “phantom patrols” are still working in test mode without bringing violators to justice. This is due to the fact that the equipment has not yet passed all certification procedures for compliance with standards and requirements. The police promise to inform separately about the launch of the full-fledged operation of such an innovation.

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