Phantom patrols: when to wait for them?

Phantom patrols: when to wait for them?


In Ukraine, from July 1, police phantom cars will leave the roads, which will not stand out from the general stream. They are equipped with radars capable of recording the speed of surrounding vehicles both in the same direction and in the opposite direction. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

According to him, now four cars are being tested, on which radars are installed, which allow fixing the speed of the oncoming car and the car that is overtaking.

“Until 2024, it is planned to introduce 550 cameras that record violations of the speed limit in motion. Also, 117 TRUCAM devices are currently operating in Ukraine. However, we plan to move away from such a model and switch to automatic recording of traffic violations,” he said Gerashchenko.

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