Phantom – The most silent car in the world!!

Phantom – The most silent car in the world!!


I’m attending the exclusive preview of the new Rolls Royce Phantom in Abu Dhabi. Joined by Hanan from the only female Supercars club in Dubai – Arabian Gazelles. The new Phantom is claimed to have the most silent interior of any car in the world.follow me on Instagram / Facebook – @supercarblondie

hey what’s up guys this is supercar blondie thank you for watching we’ve got so much happening in Dubai this week and I cannot wait to take you with me okay first things first I’ve just had a car delivered so I’m gonna go pick that up now as you guys would know I had to put my i8 in for service so it’s gonna be in there for another week or two so I’ve got to go pick up this car so that I can get around Dubai no not this one not this one either not that one any of those cars would be nice is it this one okay it’s a Chevy Malibu I’m actually not only this is a rental I didn’t have time to organize a nice when I came and delivered me and those rims check them out okay Malibu let’s see what you’ve got okay guys I’m having a bit of fun here it’s an alright card do you know what I used to drive a Mitsubishi Lancer for four years that was my first car so there’s nothing wrong with this car whatsoever I’m just having a bit of fun it is now 4:30 in the afternoon in Dubai and it is still 36 degrees and more than that it is so humid I’m gonna go pick up my babies now I call them my babies my two little Pomeranians from our boarding they’ve been there for the last week or so so I’m super excited to see them I miss them yeah so I’m just gonna bring them home and that’s going to be their spot and see why earning dogs is like the best thing it makes you so happy hi guys you’re so cute and fluffy so cute and fluffy Hey oh I miss you I miss you I am now on my way to the new rolls-royce phantom 2 in the UAE it’s only here for a few days so we’re gonna be and I’m heading down to my friend’s place I’m going to go down in a Rolls Royce the only way to arrive at a little boys function is inna rolls right so the official address for her house actually includes the word mansion it’s not the villa number house number street number you come in here and it’s a mansion number going up link right over here whoever owns range and this is the cause the thing she loves this car will get her to talk about this more I think it’s the only one in Dubai let’s go surprise her she doesn’t like to be on camera this should be interesting just know you’re the star of the show today I need to show you her nons place how awesome is this that view imagine that view for New Year’s Eve amazing little putting green fireplace over there right on the lake gorgeous room alright let’s go time to drive to Abu Dhabi it’s about a one-hour drive but we’re in the moles baby nice you’ve got the door closed that’s that one of the things that I love about the roles yeah the door close button it’s too cool how long have you had this couple do you love it it depends yeah because it’s really made for long straighter drives yeah so when you but when you want to go and like have a bit of a thrill ride it’s not really the right item you know we are just about to arrive at Abu Dhabi motors that’s where the rolls-royce launches looking forward to seeing this one the new phantom it’s the 8th generation and it’s only gonna be here for short times we’re gonna check it out we’re gonna be one of the first in the country to check out the car do you think that you’ll upgrade you will you get the next rolls check out this color color I’ve just seen what are you banging it boom pink and white pink is definitely growing in popularity and divide and see more pink clothes now than you did like even last year I don’t know what’s going there is just some way to sand do you think so I don’t know if you can see this probably but this piece of glass goes all the way across all the way to the dials one piece of long glass which actually looks quite cool you comfortable back there so you you comfortable back there you look so far away it’s crazy the space in this car six meters Wow okay door close and look at this curtain see this curtain here I’m just gonna press this button okay I’m gonna press this button yeah here we go so I open up this way and then the door button is up here Press that and it brings the door to you which is so cool they’ve increased the foam in the tires so that you can’t hear as much noise from the road check out these new technology so you know how they have a soft close on the door that’s normal and it closes itself fine been there done that open it up again and look at this see this little button here the ballet right because you always Belyakov especially whenever close versus you get in push on this button so this is the Phantom 8 for generations this is the short wheelbase so this is gonna be the standard one now so v12 twin turbo about 560 horsepower the new leather color it’s called Armagnac let me show you something guys okay here I am in the back now there is a little button here for the 4s to come up so you press this button footrest comes up and then down again because otherwise it’s such a massive car and the seats are higher than the front seats so you can basically see through to the road it’s button again one of my favorite features on the rolls here it comes dead silence how cool is that it’s like such a muffled silence you can’t really hear anything from outside so you see it from the middle there what you can do is actually put anything behind that glass so if you put a picture of your baby or your grandma or your favorite holiday holiday home for example you can put that picture behind the glass so it’s like a like a like a museum for your pictures will do whatever you want behind that glass how cool is that that is the official launch of the Phantom here in the UAE and see what we can do right let’s head back to Dubai from rolls-royce launch into arrivals back to Dubai and then I’m prepping for tea so we’ve just found out or I did today that they’re not making the drop heads anymore the cuckoo base or coops so this car that we’re driving right now is actually going up in value so Ananse had a lot of offers on it not for sale yes it is at the right moment price everything’s for sale at the right price right so um we’re good shy thing she’s gonna be hanging on to this guy for a little bit longer it’s such a such a nice ride okay so what is it exactly Morgan is this the only one in the country that’s not that right let’s hear it sure oh it sounds amazing why do you love this cut them so much retro look with modern technology where did you find this car by one of the sheiks in Dubai ask him I mean he was in the and that’s the end of the story what’s special about it is the which are only done by Morgan so must be quite heavy then the cop is trying an unfounded Arabian gazelles it is the first female supercar Club in the UAE and we go food drives together and it is so much fun because all of us just genuinely enjoy driving and with all that different cars and we all just love the experience and we go meet up at places last time we went shooting the shot of shooting club who rolled up in all our car did you get out 100% oh so we all wrapped up at the charge of shooting club and then we will drive around met for coffee it was so cool and that’s what you get to do in Dubai thanks to ladies like a man who organized everything so this is the arrow Super Sports the Morgan and it does look like a classic car but in fact it is not twenty or twenty twelve okay alright let’s get in it’s also quite cool is you can hear the wood creaking a little bit I see driving it around which another court cars may not be so cool but in this one it just gives it a touch of something else it’s just a little bit different that’s cool I like it I just left her Nana’s place wow what an awesome place she lives in and I’ve just gotten an uber to BMW a GMC I’m just gonna pick up my I ate I just had the nicest uber driver do you already said to me as I got out have a nice day and an awesome ride I could be sarcastic but so I think at once it me genuinely mentor sighs I organize the cheers I’m your day with a nice alright let’s head in and get the car and then I gotta head home and get ready for this yeah I’ve decided to pick up the i8 because I need to get the wrap removed and then bring it back to fix that little scratch on the side so gonna take this car back and then go to the foiling place and see what we can do maybe get a whole new rabbit maybe get a whole new car let’s see oh nice look at those tumblers your pasta kept country thank you right let’s get out to all your party if we’re not there on time we’re gonna miss the yacht so now you seriously though if you were any Tula you beat oh well Michael Jordan I mean

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