Photo from “live” test of an electric Tesla truck Semi

Photo from “live” test of an electric Tesla truck Semi

The prototype Tesla Semi nickolodeon made the journey to North Carolina. There admirers of the brand has been able to examine it up close and take some pictures.

Program Manager Semi Tesla Jerome Guillen stated that the digging is actively using trucks, and they drive on public roads, as evidenced by the pictures repeatedly appeared on the network.

“Next year we will start production. We are very happy, we actively go on the truck, and I think that while it’s a pretty amazing success,” said Guillen informed.

The owner of the rental company of electric vehicles brand SacTesla Jerome Mends-Cole saw a red prototype and talked with the engineers.

Tesla employees are confident that they will be able to exceed initial specifications announced in 2017. Engineers said that now conducted road testing of prototypes, during which people were able to consider how Semi.

Special attention was paid to the device of the Luggage compartment at the front of the truck.

As previously reported by Autogeek, white color has become the standard for the three Tesla – Model 3, Model S, Model X. Tesla When just brought to market electric car Model 3, the standard was black. For any colour other clients of the American company had to pay $ 1 000.