Photo of the future sportbike Benelli


It seems that the company Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Group, the owner of the brand Benelli is starting serial production of this bike.

More specifically, in the photos the motorcycle under the brand name QJ is a model SRG600 based on naked QJ/Benelli SRK600. In Asian markets, these motorcycles are sold under the brand name QJ, on the European are supplied under the brand Benelli. Accordingly, in the Old world, this motorcycle will appear as Benelli 600RR.

The engine sportbike the same as that of naked – row “four” liquid-cooled, mounted with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Data about the power yet, but probably the figures will be slightly higher than the “naked” version, where the engine develops maximum power of 82 HP at 11,000 rpm and 55 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm.

SRG600 different from nakeda more aggressive fit due to the low clip-ons and moved back footrests for driver, separate seat and, of course, developed fairing. The bike is equipped with full led optics, instrument cluster with TFT colour screen and the Keyless start system. SRG600 dry weight is 215 kg, which, for example, almost 20 kg more mass Kawasaki Ninja 650.


Sports “hestiate” QJ/Benelli will be available in two versions: in addition to the basic version, equipped with an inverted fork type and the front radial calipers made in China, will be even more expensive, featuring adjustable fork with plated gold color and the front Brembo calipers.

The appearance sportbike Benelli in Europe is expected to close by the middle of next year. The exact retail price of new items not yet known, motorcycles under the brand name QJ in China will be worth about 8500 US dollars.

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