Photos of the new crossover Dodge Hornet


The Dodge Hornet crossover is nothing more than a twin to the recently introduced Alfa Romeo Tonale. Spy photos shed some light on the upcoming novelty.

Rumors that Dodge wants to revive the glorious historical Hornet name have been around for a long time. It has long been known that this name will receive a new crossover. It was no secret that the already presented Alfa Romeo Tonale and the upcoming Dodge Hornet would be “close” and registered at the same plant. The photos that have recently appeared fully confirm this – the “American” stands on wheels typical of Alfa Romeo.

The interior of the Hornet also bears a striking resemblance to the previously seen Tonale. There is a different emblem on the steering wheel and there are no large paddles on the Dodge for fans of self-shifting.

The Hornet’s biggest difference is the engines. More specifically, the engine. The 2.0-liter with 256 American hp. Hornet will also receive the latest UConnect 5 infotainment system.

The main difference can be related to different brand positioning. Alfa Romeo is trying to be a premium BMW, and Dodge is positioned as a brand of not the most expensive cars, but with a sporty bent. It can be assumed that the Dodge Hornet will have at least a cheaper interior trim and slightly derated engines. On the current Alfa Romeo, this 2-liter “four” produces 280 hp.

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