Photospin got “charged the train” VW ID.4 GTX

Photospin got “charged the train” VW ID.4 GTX


We have previously reported that VW planned to provide for all its future electric vehicles I. D.-the family of a more productive version that will have the GTX suffix to the name. We now have photos of the tests of the crossover ID.4 and I must say that this is the first pictures of the VW ID.4 GTX.

Unfortunately, we only have a few photos of the German novelties, shot on a camera phone and showing only the rear part of the long-awaited prototype. However, we can easily see the similarities of this car with VW ID previously submitted.4. More importantly, we can see several key differences that suggest that we face is the prototype high-performance ID.4 GTX.

The obvious difference is the rear spoiler, located at the base of the rear window.

Look closely and you will see that the roof and front are also different – on the photo ID.4 we’ve seen so far, the roof in short, while the prototype of the “leans” towards its back. The C-shaped arm also looks thinner. The car received a fake exhaust pipes – for some reason. We suspect that this is actually just a camouflage film covering the design, which will differ from the real one.


We know that the standard crossover ID.4 will be offered with one and with two motors, providing the vehicle either rear or all-wheel drive. We can assume that in a high-performance version of the GTX will be offered AWD only.

Previously presented concept crossover ID Crozz had a total capacity of 302 horsepower. However, if VW hopes to compete with the more productive options American SUV Tesla Model Y, or the upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E, he will need to offer a bit more power.

It is believed that VW will present the usual ID.4 to the end of 2020, so the model with more power can be shown only in 2021.

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