Piaggio Group inspires: new patent

Piaggio Group inspires: new patent


The company the Piaggio Group is committed to speed and safety at the same time. This can help aerodynamic wings, which are the next step in improving the performance of motor vehicles.

Patent crammed with technical descriptions, but, in fact, we have wings which are attached to the front fairing. The rider controls the wings. It also enables automatic adjustment. The ultimate goal: to improve downforce to stabilize the motorcycle when cornering.


The wings become a standard feature of the sports bikes. They usually are fixed rigidly, therefore the aerodynamic efficiency cannot be always optimal. Piaggio engineers have thought about this problem and think I found the solution.

At the moment it is unknown how will be implemented the technology, or when! Strange that indicative schemes used tricycle with tilting suspension and not the sport model Aprilia, for example.

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