Pickup amphibian? New details about Tesla Cybertruck

Pickup amphibian? New details about Tesla Cybertruck


The head of Tesla Elon Musk said that, if necessary, Tesla will be able Cybertruck some time to stay afloat if you’re in the water. For example, an electric truck will be able to cross streams and deep puddles without the risk of any damage.

Electric pickup truck Tesla will be able to swim, becoming similar to the boat. This statement in his Twitter did Elon Musk. But such a statement the head of the American Corporation makes for the first time. A few years ago he claimed that the Model S sedan has an excellent ability to swim thanks to fully sealed rechargeable battery that allows the car some time to move in the water without any consequences.

Musk did not specify how much time Cybertruck will be able to stay afloat before it starts to sink. Check in real conditions the statement of the head of Tesla will succeed in the best case at the end of 2021. At this time scheduled start of series production of electropop.


At the same time, the American company has received more than half a million pre-orders for the Cybertruck. Anyone wishing to purchase model made a Deposit in the amount of $ 100. According to recent reports, the first in sale Cybertruck in the modification with two electric motors and a power reserve of about 500 kilometers. The cost of electropica Tesla will be 49 900 USD.

Last week it became known that in China when the outbreak of coronavirus, 450 per cent increase in the number of registered electric vehicles Tesla – their number exceeded 12.7 thousand pieces. At a time when in February there were just 2.3 million cars.

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