Pickup from Hyundai again caught photospin

Pickup from Hyundai again caught photospin


A test prototype of the first pickup Korean automaker is increasingly common on the roads and is seen by fotosporno. Hyundai is already conducting tests of new products.

After the speech, the Korean automaker that they will be engaged in building their own pickup at the factory in Alabama, where from 2021, the year will begin production of a new car, there were photos of the prototype pick-up with the final body.

It is expected that the new car will be called Santa Cruz, and his debut will take place in the United States, in the same country it will be collected. It is known that a small pickup truck got all-wheel drive system and cabin will be offered in a variety of formats. Of course, a big part of that – just rumors at the moment, but they give rise to representatives of Hyundai.


Tests of a pickup truck secretly held at the Hyundai proving ground in California, near Los Angeles.

Since the production will begin in 2021, the year, it would be logical to assume that testing new products has already begun. It is expected that the truck should inherit a number of design solutions from the modern models of the brand, it will be “much more unique”.

Information about the technical characteristics of the model has not yet appeared, but, according to preliminary data, the truck will be powered by a hybrid powertrain with 2.5-liter engine with electric motor. It is reported that his target market will be people Korean brand describes in its press release as “a new generation of buyers.” With regards to how it will look in the pickup truck remains to be seen, however, new pictures can appear in the near future. Used Hyundai concept photos of Santa Cruz for his announcement, which would force believe that the upcoming truck will largely resemble the prototype.

The pickup will help to increase sales of Hyundai?

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