Pickup Mercedes-Benz X-class can shoot production

Pickup Mercedes-Benz X-class can shoot production

It seems that Mercedes-Benz decided to “engage” with the pickups. X-class, despite the media noise around the model, was not as good demand, as planned by its creators.

Mercedes-Benz X-class can become a victim of the new strategy of the manufacturer to reduce costs and business optimization. The publication Automotive News claims he got this information from certain sources inside the company.

In General, the selection of a candidate for “dismissal” appears justified: in Europe, Australia and South Africa last year, Mercedes-Benz was able to implement only 16 700 cars. In addition, its role in the fate of the X-class can play and some uncertainty emerging in the relationship of Daimler with Renault-Nissan, as well as several surveys campaigns.

As reasons for the low popularity of the model built on the platform of Nissan Navara, called the high cost. In Germany, Mercedes-Benz X-class are asked from 37 EUR 300, and the version with a six-cylinder engine sold by almost 49 000 Euro.

Official confirmation of information about a possible lifting of truck production is not followed.

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