Pickup truck based on KIA Mohave


In an interview with the British edition of Autocar, the chief designer of the Korean brand KIA Karim Habib said that he would gladly work on a model of a new pickup.

According to the designer, a new pickup truck from KIA would perfectly fit into the brand’s lineup. According to Karim Habib, the company is open to new experiments. In addition, the US market is rather lenient with pickups.

According to unofficial data, the creation of a KIA pickup was approved in 2020, and a new model may be presented in 2023. However, the Australian portal Cars Guide interviewed the head of the brand, Damien Meredi. During the discussion of rumors about a new pickup, the head of the division said that the appearance of such a car is unlikely in the near future.

If such a pickup appears, it is assumed that it will be designed on the aggregate basis of the Mohave SUV. On the net you can find possible renders of a pickup similar to an SUV from third-party designers. However, there is no official data on the KiA pickup yet.

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