Pidtrimka Ukrainy – chim dopomagaje Uber?

Pidtrimka Ukrainy – chim dopomagaje Uber?


Escalation three already more than two days, so we try to support Ukraine and all those who need it the most.

Axis of the last key moments of our work for the rest of this week:

– Nearly 2.5 million US dollars have already been donated to help Ukraine. – We have launched a donation button in the USA, so that corystuvants could make donations for Ukraine. In total for the day, over 1.5 million US dollars was robbed, and Uber added 1 million dollars to the sum. You can find more details about the donation function and where the money goes here.

– Cost-free trips near Lvov are an active addition to Lvov, and you can win Uber for the necessary more expensive and humanitarian assistance.

Part axis:

  • If you need to go somewhere, you can use code LVIV15 for 3 cost-free trips.
  • If you want to register as a water volunteer in Lviv, you can register here (Choose the place “Lviv”).

Next hour we want to tell the robot to work in other places where it is safe to work.

We continue to work on the support programs of Ukraine with the International Committee of the Order, the International Federation of the Red Cross, the All-World Food Program, as well as mischievous organizations such as and Blood Agents.

Fore you to be left in safety – we keep you in the know about our zusil to support Ukraine!

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