Pininfarina – Fastest Italian Hypercar Ever Made!

Pininfarina – Fastest Italian Hypercar Ever Made!


This is Pininfarina Automobili’s first Electric hypercar! This car goes 0-100km/h in less than 2 seconds and costs EUR 2 million. This is my second look at the car after getting a rare glimpse last year.Take a look at the first video where I spoke to the CEO at Pebble Beach. Here is the link – Follow me on:

Wow another incredible car supercar blondie here at the Geneva International Motor Show this is the launch of the Pininfarina after the very first time they have developed their own a hyper car and this is pull the Batista right here right let me talk you through it because this car is something incredible nineteen hundred wars’ power nineteen hundred horsepower just let that sink in for a moment zero to sixty in under two seconds that’s like I’m just trying to compare it to something else you know like the Tesla Roadster when that was announced how quick it was gonna be everyone was like no way it’s not possible it’s not possible under two seconds and you’re at a hundred kilometers an hour that is how fast this car is you would have to make sure your neck is on the back of the seat before you hit the gas otherwise your neck is gonna be thrown back within that split second you’re already at like 50 kilometres an hour like this boom 50 kilometres an hour in that split second no let me take you around the car it is fully electric it has four electric motors two in the back two in the front so each one is providing almost Drive hundred horsepower the other thing is where is the batteries right in a test lot about trees I just laid down across the floor of the car right what they’ve done is they’ve made it into a like a tea like package of the batteries are along this line here in the middle and along here at the back of the car now two advantages with that it means there’s more weight in the back because there’s no batteries on the left or the right of the car it means that it’s out of the way in case there’s any anything would happen say if you’re in a crash it’s trying to make the car safer so they’re moving the batteries towards the center of the car right the other thing is there are only going to be 150 of these cars made so orders are already going in and it’s flying I look at some of its design features this is quite cool this is floating as harbin easier and the air-intake is around here so what happens is – rides air through here and also through here longest line behind this piece over this piece this little shop down through here it goes all the way down through that piece and then then you’ve got the door open this is the interior I’ll show you this look at this side mirror if you look at it from this angle got this beautiful piece over here right my symbol what’s that for pure design it looks cool what about having a camera as a side mirror right that’s kind of a trend a lot of manufacturers looking to go that way so there’s just a tiny little camera here some are on the car and you see the vision from inside from a little screen on the inside of the car they didn’t do that because it would use more battery power so they wanted to make sure that the battery power is put to the best use and that’s for the speed and the power of the actual car so they ditched that and they went for the traditional side mirrors if you come around the front you’ve got this beautiful branding European freedom because of course this is a real moment for the manufacturer first time that they’re developing their own hypercar up until now they have been teaming up with other manufacturers as a design house to recreate the bodies of certain models of cars but now for the very first time this is their own hyper car it’s no secret that these guys have teamed up with Grima to use their technology when you look at the power of the car it’s pretty much the same as what you’re going to get in the remac but where they differentiate themselves is the remac is more attractive opus car and this car is more a GT it’s grand tourer and it’s meant to be used as a daily driver or we can be used as a daily driver let’s put it that way so it’s much more user friendly what they focus on is all the finishing touches so let’s just get e they’ve got all of the premium you know leather and premium options and you can personalize it everywhere we’ll go through the personalization features in a little bit but this is the interior Bautista written here I mean it’s just so detailed focused this is the new badge of Pininfarina this is going to be where you switch from drive neutral to reverse and that’s all that what one will do and then on the side here you’ve got all the different driving modes so you can change that around the different driving modes they have really limited the buttons the number of buttons in the car almost everything is controlled on these two screens right in front of the steering wheel this screen the screen and buttons on the steering wheel so you’re not kind of looking around for you know open door latches and all of this different stuff sometimes it can be a little bit distracting if you’ve got everything on the wheel in front of you or you can see it just either side then your focus is completely in the front and on the road look at these look at this lighting here in the back I just absolutely love this it’s just all these little details the blue lighting through the seats here and on the stereo system what you can do personalized all of these so you see these carbon fiber here you can change that to see for example blue carbon fiber if you want to this lip here this is an option this is usually just in gray but if you want that to be a little bit more aggressive you can turn that when you’re charging an electric car at the moment usually that charger is here on the side somewhere on this part it’s yeah back and they really wanted this to be kind of a badge a badge of honor for people to see and they wanted to show off the fact that it is an electric car so they’ve put it in full view here right on the back so that everyone can see and when it charges it lights up and it also glows it flashes like this so I’m looking forward to seeing all of those details on one charge it can go for 150 year kilometers and I think that’s pretty much it until we get the chance to drive it that’s what we know currently about the Batista Pininfarina so suppose ever try for car I hope you enjoyed the video please give me a quick thumbs up and hit that thumbs up button to subscribe to my channel because we’ve got so many cool cars coming for now I’m out love you

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