Pirelli Zupinyaje investmentsіі і zgortaje diyalnіst u Rosіi

Pirelli Zupinyaje investmentsіі і zgortaje diyalnіst u Rosіi


Italian company Pirelli, one of the largest luminous tire manufacturers, voted about the decision to speed up the activity in our country and to encourage new investments in the whole market. It is said about it on the company’s website.

“Investments in our country have been ordered, for a wink it’s quiet, which is connected with safety. The activity of the factories will be progressively financed by the financing of salaries and services for workers,” the company said.

Pirelli’s competitors – Japanese Bridgestone, French Michelin, German Continental – also built their tires backwaters from.

Pirelli viewed as a strategic market for itself. On the website of the company, it is confirmed that it is the leading brand on the premium winter tire market in then Federation.

In 2011-2012, the company added two tire factories in our country – near Kirov and Voronezh. There are close to 2500 errors on them.

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