Plaid doesn’t brake or control?!

Plaid doesn’t brake or control?!


Throttle House specialists managed to test the durability of the high-performance Tesla Model S Plaid electric car. They borrowed a test car for review from one of the dealers in Toronto.

For a test drive, the car experts chose a specialized track, and also drove on it along ordinary city streets. In the end, the auto experts came to the conclusion that this is a very good cruiser. However, there is a fly in the ointment in this barrel of honey and, as it turned out, not one.

The combination of three electric motors and a 100 kWh battery gives the electric car an incredible 1,020 hp. With this power plant, the Model S Plaid accelerates to a hundred in just 2 seconds, and its top speed reaches 320 km / h.

The electric car demonstrates such impressive figures after the last software update.

However, a high performance car is about more than incredible levels of power, and this is where the Model S Plaid begins to show its flaws.

The most important problem that the inspectors had to face was the brakes. They say that for a car with this power and such a lot of weight, it simply does not have strong enough brakes. They also tend to overheat quickly.

Plus, the Model S Plaid’s handling is poor. At the limit of its capabilities, the power steering simply does not keep up with fast actions, which means that sometimes you are left with steering without assistance.

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