Plan B: Hyundai showcases new hydrogen concepts

Plan B: Hyundai showcases new hydrogen concepts


The Hyundai brand has declassified its plans for the development of hydrogen transport as part of an online event.

Hyundai Motor believes that by 2030 prices for hydrogen cars will be comparable to electric cars. The brand also presented several prototypes at once that operate on hydrogen fuel cells.

So, Hyundai has shown a two-door sports car called Vision FK. The car was equipped with a hydrogen plant with a capacity of 680 hp. Acceleration to the first “hundred” takes less than 4 seconds for the car. The range of the rear-wheel drive sports car is 600 km. There is no information yet whether this model will receive a production version in the future.

Another new product from Hyundai is an unmanned container truck called Trailer Drone. The vehicle is equipped with an unmanned control system and a hydrogen propulsion system. In this case, the number of tanks with fuel will be selected individually for a separate route, depending on the distance. The maximum range of such a truck is more than 1,000 km.

In addition, Hyundai has built a rescue drone based on an autonomous trolley called Fuel Cell e-Bogie. It will be possible to control it remotely. Also, for the novelty, an unmanned mode is provided, which will be especially relevant during rescue operations or extinguishing fires. On a single charge, the car can travel 450-500 km. Also, the machine is equipped with a special platform on which a flying drone will be installed.

In addition, to participate in rescue operations, Hyundai has invented an electric car charging station. The unusual car will be able to recharge other vehicles in critical situations in remote areas. The manufacturer plans to show the new generation fuel cell system in 100 kW and 200 kW power options in 2023. It will be much easier and more efficient than the actual installation.

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