PLAYBOY Magazine – Why I agreed to be in it

PLAYBOY Magazine – Why I agreed to be in it


Playboy Magazine Germany asked me to be in their magazine. But there’s a twist to this story…Here is why I agreed to it and how I pranked my parents with the news.Playboy Magazine Article – My New Store – Follow me on:Music by:Rainmaker – Lance TaberBrahmam – Okate

i I’m in Playboy Oh oh hello oh jeez I flicked a bit too far hi guys it’s Steve a couple of me and I have a bit of a reveal I am in Playboy you guys are gonna come on this journey with me today as I reveal to my family that I’m in Playboy magazine now you might be thinking oh my god what have you done why have you done this there’s a twist to this story guys okay I’m going to show you right now cuz I want you to be in on it with me before I go and reveal to my family what has just happened we actually called the postal service about ten times in the last two weeks because we’ve been expecting this what we didn’t know is that it would have a big playboy stamp here on the letterhead every time we called them and said where is our delivery they would have gone oh my god these guys are desperate for their Playboy subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t yet we’re growing supercar blondie family is growing all over the world by the way our massive thanks to all of you who supported my big cat launch it just they just went live and now we’ve got SP caps in 45 countries around the world that is crazy massive massive thanks to my SP family I love you guys so much okay I have never held a Playboy magazine in my hand and this is um this is a family friendly Channel so I’m not sure we should be revealing everything but you guys get the picture right okay so this is the cover of Playboy and I am in this magazine and I’m in the first three pages of this magazine now here’s where it gets interesting okay playboy reached out to me and said could we please feature in Playboy and I was like well I’m not sure you know it got to be careful of the the story I’m telling I should I really be associating myself with that image so I really was like hmm what am I gonna do anyway practically they said listen we don’t want you to get your kid off we want to just do an article of you in the magazine because they have a big automotive section in Playboy in Germany and I was like do you know what instead of saying no to this and not being associated with playboy at all I said yes I thought I could actually make a statement by doing this and the reason why I thought it would be powerful to be in Playboy magazine with all my clothes on is because it kind of shows women that you can be sexy powerful and successful with all of your clothes on you don’t need to take your clothes off to get attention and to make it in the world you don’t that’s something I really do stand for especially in this industry in this very male-dominated industry there’s a lot of stigma around women in this industry because usually women are just shown kind of lying topless on cars they’re kind of like the candy of the car world having said that I don’t care if women get their kid off it’s completely your choice but that’s what I mean there is a choice women get to choose what they can do in order to be successful if you want to take your clothes off go for it I’m not against that at all at all these women are very proud of their bodies and that is more power to them as well if they feel comfortable doing that that is awesome it’s not something I feel comfortable with doing so here we go I am in Playboy magazine I’m gonna put this here we’ll cover this actually it’s not that crazy on the front is it I’m just okay I’ll just show you right it’s not it’s not she’s not even naked so I’m just not used to seeing amazing or holding magazine what is hot and here we go Playboy the letter from the editor yeah yeah yeah and then oops um nudies and then Here I am literally within the first couple of pages there I am a little bit one of my sexier photos on Instagram have to say they did grab the sexy one the sexier one so I was like oh my god okay fine and then like another full two pages talking about what I do how I do it how I became supercar blondie and what actually goes into creating successful videos on YouTube and Instagram and Facebook so there you go you guys I’m in Playboy oh oh hello oh jeez I flicked a bit too far oh oh okay jeez okay this is the deal you guys I’m kind of gonna prank my family well I am gonna prank my family I’m gonna come in Playboy magazine and say mom dad I’m in Playboy if you want to read the article you can just click the link underneath this YouTube video in the description actually I’m really scared this is not something I like to do because my family is quite conservative we’re from the country and no one would read magazines like this in our family not that about I mean my family wouldn’t approve of this let’s just say it that way I’m gonna say I’m in Playboy and then like let it stew for a little while get their reactions and then reveal look I’ve got all my clothes on it’s just an article but for those like few seconds in their mind and especially my mom’s mind she’s going to be like oh my god my daughter’s a porn star it’s gonna be terrifying those few moments meet terrifying let’s go prank them I’m just here with my family now just arrived hello look at the mark a so the reason for this video is because I’m featured in a magazine and I want to show you I’m gonna get the magazine tell me you got clothes on art is how is that okay so yeah this was this was a decision that Nick and I made and we thought about it we were thought about it a lot and we thought what are we gonna do with this because we got approached by them and thought how are we going to yeah how are we going to decide what to do right because obviously we’ve built this brand now in this image because I need to talk to them as well as you guys and so we decided actually this is going to make a good statement for our career but I want to so I’m going to show you the magazine and I just want you guys to react however you feel is it’s hard to really see it Playboy we’ll see okay so how do you think this is going guys how do you think it’s going dad saying oh god no you didn’t them seems just nervous laughing but but there is a button I hope it’s an article I only ever looked at those I’ll make the point that Jesus there’s no me on the phone so that’s really I got you anyway we wanted to prank you so we got you right oh good for those few minutes are sweating there’s a photo of me here with the top gear guys so top gear guys are in in Playboy better break that news oh man Hammond you’re in Playboy sorry I don’t think as a woman many women can get into a magazine that is known just for having women in their tops off by featuring someone with all their clothes on and saying she’s still just as relevant to our audience I think it’s relevant that’s exactly right it’s quite a strong thing that you doing Tim just went on a trip inland in Australia and you met it we were travelling with someone you met friends at friends very easy car fanatic loves has always loved vehicles we were sitting at the pair of chillner pub in South Australia and he said we’re talking generally and he came up with this story about this girl from Australia who was the highest rating Instagram person in the automotive world and just going oh my god this is amazing and she’s amazing apparently and I said I’m sitting there going well Jenny not about sitting there going well you know market actually right now you know so I sent him a clip yeah his response back to me was I just tried to watch the clip you sent to Katie I don’t believe that amazing person is related to you or staying with you or that you have even met up she is she is perfect in every way unfortunately German is not what it used to be regardless I can tell you she is above and beyond simply a critic oh that smiley face and you said you’re a very lucky man oh so I went back to him and said so can I borrow the Esther map only if I can meet her you have to prove she’s picking the other day and said something about super cow blondie and you see that’s do you see that steak on the on the table there which I’m now showing you see that you see it about to eat it I’ll flip it and give it to you so you hang on so you’re on my youtube channel we’re filming YouTube like you’ve got an Aston right I heard I’m impressed by all the cars love and they can Tim borrow the Aston we know boys like playboy so we’ve got two copies just so you can keep it up around the house you know maybe you could frame it these one’s gonna be printed blown up trainers alright guys that’s all right so that’s it give us a quick thumbs up if you liked the video subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet we got them we got them all right we’re out love you

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