Plus 30 forces with button: McLaren 720S GT3X racing features

Plus 30 forces with button: McLaren 720S GT3X racing features


The British automaker has released the specs of its all-new model, which features a 4.0-liter 710 hp engine

As it became known to the CSN-TV portal, the basis of the novelty was the basic version of the McLaren 720 S GT3, which was “thoroughly reworked”. So, the model received the already familiar 4.0-liter gasoline engine with two turbines, the return of which is 710 hp. It would seem that there is nothing new – in the standard model, the unit produces the same power, but now the driver has a special button that briefly increases the engine output by 30 hp.

For this 5% increase in power, the engineers had to do a lot of work: they installed new turbines on the engine, replaced the manifolds, modernized the cooling system and replaced the cylinders with more wear-resistant ones.

In addition to improving the technical part, the monocoque has also undergone a change, which now allows you to install a passenger seat in the car. Externally, the car is distinguished by an enlarged wing, a new splitter, a redesigned diffuser and a number of other small parts. True, the company refused to disclose the exact dynamic characteristics of the novelty.

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