Poland revives its auto industry to meet brand Izera

Poland revives its auto industry to meet brand Izera


New brand named after the Jizera mountains on the border of Poland and the Czech Republic, to produce it will, of course, electric cars. This week in Warsaw was represented by two of the first model – a compact hatchback and a crossover. Their production will begin in 2023.

In the times of socialist Poland had its own quite a powerful car industry, but in the twenty-first century, it completely absorbed the “Western capital”, and Poland now only collects foreign car brands – automakers are attracted to this country cheap labor.

Izera is an attempt to resurrect, or rather re-create a national car industry. The brand belongs to state-controlled joint venture ElectroMobility Poland, founded in 2016, the energy companies PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA, Energa SA and Enea SA, Tauron Polska Energia SA.

Completely original production, however, will not be released without the cooperation of the mass of the car is impossible today. So we know that the platform for the first models Izera will be purchased from one of the leading automobile companies whose name is not yet known. Perhaps we are talking about “the cart” MEB Volkswagen or the newest platform eVMP from Groupe PSA, the first models which will be released just in 2023.


Polish design innovations was engaged in the Italian Studio Torino Design, and the design of the part meets the German-Swiss company EDAG Engineering. About technology while virtually nothing is known, except that up to 100 km/h electric cars Izera will be able to accelerate in less than 8 s, and the range per charge will be 400 km in the WLTP cycle.

Proper names hatchback and crossover Izera yet. In their appearance there is nothing particularly memorable – the same car could appear in any Chinese brand, but the interior with its modesty and practicality reflects the values of the mass of European consumers. Salon Izera not affect the size of the multimedia screens and luxury finishes, but has plenty of places for small items, hooks for bags, folding tables for rear passengers, multi-level boot floor – in General, a kind Skoda in Polish. The price probably also will be at the level of Skoda.

We will add that at the end of last year, Turkey introduced its new national brand car TOGG. She also plans to start mass production of electric vehicles, but a year earlier than the poles – in 2022.

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