Polestar 1 from Need For Speed the Heat will become a reality

Polestar 1 from Need For Speed the Heat will become a reality


Extraordinary automotive designer Hisil Salim said that the Polestar version of the crazy 1, which he developed for the game Need for Speed Heat, will be implemented.

In his virtual life, the car received a yellow body colour and is decorated with many aerodynamic elements, which, as you might think, will remain exclusively in the digital world. As it turned out, the original design of Salem is actually even more wild than the car introduced in Need for Speed, and currently copied by a company called Sekrit Studios.

In the design of new Salem dominated by a pointed body, Polestar by which 1 is more like a Time Attack car than on the street. There is a massive front splitter and custom hood with huge air vents. In addition, the car stands out with front and rear wheel arches and wide wheels and tires. Perhaps the most crazy aspect of the car’s design is a pair of separate rear fenders attached to the chassis.

Polestar at the end of August start of production of hybrid Polestar 1 at its new plant in Chengdu, China, and the first commercial samples customers expect by the end of this year. Taking this into account, it is still unknown when the company Sekrit Studios will release its instance. However, the series of images shows that you are fully prepared Polestar 1 with flared front wings can be seen in the next two months.

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