Polestar 2 will greatly facilitate the lives of the owners

Polestar 2 will greatly facilitate the lives of the owners


The model has two electric motors (one front, one rear) with a total return of 408 HP, 660 Nm, the battery capacity of 78 kW / h, power reserve for charging the 470-km WLTP standard acceleration from zero to hundreds – 4.7, length – 4.6 m trunk – 440 L.

A few days ago pyatidverka Polestar 2, got in the pipeline in the Chinese Luqiao, became available in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. In Germany the model costs from 55 euros 825, ultimately the newest ordered now will deliver to customers in the fall. And along with this launch, the Swedes have declared cooperation with the German firm Plugsurfing, which will allow owners Polstar 2 in Europe to get easier access to 195 000 charging points in the Old world.

Standard in each of the 2 ultimately the newest Polestar in Europe will include RFID-tag Plugsurfing, allows you to refuse the mountain of different apps, accounts, and processes of authentication required to pay for the charging of thousands of different service providers in the region.


System and service Plugsurfing allows with one key tag and one account to connect to charging stations, networking Ionity, Innogy, Wallbe, Be Emobil, Allego, Vattenfall, E-On, Fortum and a number of others. The nearest station is looking for a smartphone app, and pay for all the charging is done in bulk once a month. Plugsurfing just send the bill (you can view the details for each session) with no hidden fees or subscription.

With the system already working Plugsurfing JLR, Nissan, KIA, Smart, and the number of drivers who use it, is more than 100,000.

To pay the received energy can be a credit card or PayPal. Depending on the particular point charge is taken or during charging, or for kilowatt-hours, or fixed on a single charge. Polestar notes that Plugsurfing useful when traveling abroad: universal charging (stations partner Plugsurfing) the members of the network are accessible without having an account in a local Bank or local telephone number.

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