Polestar hints at new electric crossover

Polestar hints at new electric crossover


The Polestar brand, which at one time spun off from Volvo and now makes premium electric vehicles, has shown the first teaser image of the Polestar 3 electric crossover. This car will be built on a completely new platform, designed from the ground up specifically for electric vehicles.

Actually, the main news is that the company has chosen a place for assembling a new electric car. This is a plant in South Carolina, USA, where Volvo cars will also be produced.

Polestar is positioning this event as a global brand recognition: now cars of this brand will be produced in three parts of the world, including Sweden, China, and North America.

Very little is known about Polestar 3 itself. It is speculated to be a sporty electric crossover with a body shape reminiscent of a cross-coupe. The car claims to be the most popular in the Polester range and exported from the United States around the world.

The Polestar brand itself was once positioned as a court tuning studio for Volvo and was engaged in the creation of sports versions of gasoline cars. Later, the parent Chinese concern Geely, which owns the Swedish automaker, decided to turn Polestar into an electric car manufacturer.

At the same time, the very first independent model of the brand, the exclusive Polestar 1 coupe, became not a full-fledged electric car, but a rechargeable hybrid. It was followed by the all-electric Polestar 2 sedan.

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