POLESTAR PRECEPT: is this recycling-obsessed EV the ultimate Tesla Model S rival?

POLESTAR PRECEPT: is this recycling-obsessed EV the ultimate Tesla Model S rival?


The European answers to Tesla’s mighty electric Model S four-door sedan are coming. Volvo’s electric Polestar offshoot reckons it’s got what it takes to rock planet EV – by saving it one recycled piece of plastic at a time. The shark-like Precept previews the look of Polestar’s future flagship model (let’s call it the new Polestar 5) but puts the emphasis on reclaimed materials instead of 0-60 drag strip times. Now the Precept’s been confirmed for production, ’s Senior Road Test Editor Ollie Kew has taken a break from actually test-driving cars and been to have an in-depth poke around one that barely moves at all. But when a concept promises eyeball-tracking tech and carpets woven from old fishing nets, who wouldn’t want a closer look? We reckon BMW, Mercedes, and Mr E. Musk will be watching on closely… Aston Martin Valhalla First Look: Ultimate £12m Aston Martin test: TopGear.com Electric Awards 2021: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

what could be worth getting up this early in the morning to come to milton keynes of all places well showing you a new pole star but before we get there here’s a quick history course in sweden’s volvo electric offshoot started off with this the gorgeous one coupe not all electric a hybrid 600 horsepower and 140 000 pounds so unfortunately not for everyone here’s the mainstream poster the postar 2 yeah they’re really taxing the naming department aren’t they tesla model 3 and bmw i4 rival and all about the design hasn’t got the range or the charging network of a tesla but definitely owned by the sort of people who live in those houses you only see in music videos next year there’s a pulse star 3 on the way that’ll be an suv and we’re looking forward to that but forget about that for today let’s jump into the future come and have a look at this so what do we reckon to this the pole star precept not a concept car pole star doesn’t like that word they call this rather punctually a declaration of intent so think of this as your pulse star 4 or 5 for a couple of years time it’ll be going up against some pretty serious competition we’re talking tesla model s mercedes eqs those are the ev saloon big guns but this thing has got plenty of ammunition to take them on right let’s have a closer look at some of the details because i don’t know about you but i’m really really getting on with how this thing looks this is not your daddy’s volvo anymore so check out these headlights still looks like a fallen over capital t we’ve seen that on pole stars before that is inspired by thor’s hammer apparently that’s thor as in scandi folklore not as in marvel cinematic universe then we’ve got air coming up under this duct and out the top here that’s acting as a front wing i like that my favorite bit of the front down here no fake grille cooling an engine that simply isn’t there instead we’ve got what polestar calls the smart zone this is full of sensors cameras this is where the tech that will help the car semi autonomously drive itself maybe will live and that works with that box of tricks on the roof so this is your lidar now this is all the lasers and sensors that the car uses to create an image of what the world around it looks like and then it knows where to drive and what not to crash into normally these things are huge and really bulky but pole stars manage to shrink wrap it down to help the aerodynamics and speaking of that we’ve of course got cameras instead of door mirrors i think that pulsedon must have found a whole bunch of cameras in a cupboard somewhere because they’ve even put a camera in instead of an actual back window so since we’re at the rear what do we think i like it as much as i do the front what do we got full width light bar of course because 2021 you need a full width light bar big old diffuser it looks every inch the super saloon except polstar isn’t interested in telling us how fast this car is we don’t know how powerful its motors are this is supposed to be less a car about how quickly it gets you across the planet and more about clearing up the mess that humans have made of the planet but to explain that you need to join me in here so you go and wipe your feet comfy okay so here we are and it’s very minimalist as you would expect big portrait orientation touchscreen like you got in the old tesla model s a round steering wheel instead of a yoke maybe that would catch on and no buttons at all that’s because pretty much everything in here is going to be activated through this 15 inch touchscreen which will run with promise the next generation of google’s android operating system and it will have the hey google voice assistant but the ai won’t end there look behind the steering wheel we have a second screen showing me my speed my battery percentage my driving information that will apparently morph and change what it’s displaying depending on where i’m looking and it knows this because slightly terrifyingly somewhere in here there is an eyeball tracker so of course i did ask a polestar what happens if it sees you checking someone out on the pavement does it maybe bring up their tinder profile but they just asked me to get out of their office okay back to the planet because in the olden days your interior’s luxuriousness was scientifically measured by how many things had to die in order for it to exist 10 trees cut down to make the dashboard 30 cows slaughtered for your leather seats and a whole flock of really cold sheep so your feet can sit in deep pile carpets but of course the games change now it’s all about sustainability so i’m now basically sitting in a recycling plant take the seats they’re actually woven from recycled plastic bottles here in the bolsters and in the headrest there’s old wine corks and the carpets are actually fashioned from reclaimed fishing nets kind of sobering to think isn’t it that if humanity hadn’t treated the oceans like a giant garbage dump then right now i would be sat on a bare metal floor comfy back here as well now polstar says that this schmorger’s board of materials the wine corks the nets the carbon fiber style weave which is actually made from a crop you can just grow in a field that adds up to this car producing 80 less plastic waste when it’s being produced than an ordinary saloon car and those materials are 50 lighter than non-renewables as well so that’s got to be good news for your electric range and your performance and your handling but it isn’t all designed by greta i found one piece of bling look up here we’ve got a solid piece of swedish crystal into which they’ve projected a holographic pole polestar logo don’t expect that one to be back here with the kids when this thing makes production i don’t know about you but really loving just how this thing looks and kind of funny to think isn’t it next time you’re washing out your yogurt pots or throwing away your amazon packaging but some of that might one day end up in a pole star and when it does you’ll have a few brits to thank to that as well because although this is a swedish car there’s actually 200 people working right now here in the uk on r d for whatever the precept morphs into makes you proud to be british

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