Polestar Precept will be registered in the UK

Polestar Precept will be registered in the UK


The Swedish company Polestar will master the production of the Precept sedan at a facility in the UK. The assembly is planned to begin by 2025.

At the moment, the brand has a special research and development center, the number of which is at the level of 500 people. Apparently, it is they who will have to develop the entire package of technical documentation for the future car production.

So far, Polestar is in no hurry to release this promising model, since the main emphasis is now on the development of new electric crossovers, including Polestar 3. –Or other cars in the lineup.

Nevertheless, the brand will not abandon a diverse range of electric vehicles, and interest in the serial Precept will be provided not by design or power plant, but by a bias towards environmental friendliness of materials. It is reported that the sedan will be completely environmentally neutral. Let’s say the salon uses just about everything that is at hand – recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets and cork. In many ways, this approach has led to a positive assessment of Precept last year, when the concept received many accolades.

However, Precept itself will by no means become the ancestor of a new design. Its stylistic features will be used in the Polestar 3 crossover, whose appearance should take place in the very near future.

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