Polestar talked about their plans for the near future

Polestar talked about their plans for the near future


The leadership of the Swedish brand, Polestar talked about their plans for the near future – will soon start production of the first model of the company Polestar 1. A couple of years will be the Polestar of 3 will be electric kupeobrazny crossover.

In August of this year, Polestar opened a large factory in Chengdu, China, on the production capacities which will be made a plugin-hybrid car Polestar 1 power of 619 HP. Per year will be collected in 500 copies of the new production planned until 2023. The car is 155,000 dollars or 9 878 150 rubles and offers the reserve electricity the size of 126 kilometers.

Polestar 1 is only the first car the Swedish automaker, which recently was a division of Volvo. While production of electric Polestar 2 will start at the factory Polestar in Lucia, China, in early 2020, CEO of Polestar Thomas Ingenlath promises the emergence of yet another promising models in the future. Most likely, it will be an electric car, which according to rumors will be organized at the new plant in Chengdu,China.


Speaking before a group of journalists at the presentation of Polestar 1 in San Francisco (USA), Mr. Ingenlath answered the question about new cars of the brand, saying:

“We are now actively engaged on this issue. Our new models will be completely new car in all senses”.

Mr Ingenlath pointed out:

“We will not always create a sports car – it all depends on what we like to be at one time or another”.

After the presentations Polestar Polestar 1 and 2, the Swedish company promises a third car – it will be a fully electric crossover-coupe that will receive the designation of Polestar 3, it will debut in 2021, followed by Polestar Polestar 4 and 5 soon after that. Still no information on the fourth and fifth model Polestar.

What Polestar would you be interested in?

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