Polestar told us about the future of multimedia systems

Polestar told us about the future of multimedia systems


Swedish brand, Polestar told how to develop a multimedia system in its cars in the coming years. Platform will still be Android, but seamless integration with onboard systems, according to the manufacturer, will create a “personalized and dependent on environment experience of interaction”.

Now in “Polestar” you can save multiple profiles with individual settings for mirror, seat, climate and media installation. However, in the future all environment begin to adjust to the driver before he started the car. Reading the data from the Polestar Digital Key FOB, the car will choose the desired profile, and receiving a confirmation, even a plan of the trip based on the preferences of the owner and the weather.


Cloud assistant Assistant Google will become more intelligent: learn to understand more languages and some local dialects. Fellowship with him will become “a natural dialogue”, and it will not look like a set of standard phrases. While charging or in the Parking lot, passengers will have access to the services of care, and the screens will learn to respond to different actions. For example, equipping them with proximity sensors and tracking the gaze of the cameras, can be automatically control the brightness, and alert the driver if it is too long not looking at the road.

Current infotainment complex Polestar interface Google Android HMI allows the touch screen to activate the camera circular review, launch applications, manage climate control, electronic security system, adjust the settings of steering control and recovery systems energy and control energy consumption.

In addition to improvements in part “multimedia”, in models Polestar plan to increase the share of recyclable materials and materials of vegetable origin. Plastic panels of cars will replace the Bcomp biocomposites based on flax fibres and upholstery of the seats will begin to be made from yarns obtained after processing of PET bottles.

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