Police Car Challenge (Part 2)

Police Car Challenge (Part 2)


Subscribe: Jeremy, James, and Richard put their homemade police cars to the test when they have to clear the scene of an accident and stop a theft in progress.Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds:

For our next challenge, we were told to
hot-foot it to the scene of an accident. "As you can see the road
has been blocked with a crash." -This is this here, you see?
-Yeah. "Normally it takes the authorities
six hours to get the road open again. You will demonstrate that it's possible
to be quicker than that." Well, it is, we don't have to wrap
them in tin foil blankets. We don't have to offer counselling. We don't have to fill in health and safety
forms until a week on Tuesday. -We'll clear this in no time.
-It's our chance to prove it. "If the job isn't done in two minutes
motorists who have been held up -will be allowed to pelt you with food."
-Good idea. With the clock ticking 'Richard and I
decided to take care of the cars, while Jeremy took care of the wounded.' We were working well as a team… I'm towing that car. …sort of. I've got a live one here. And, as a result
we had most of the wreckage and the bigger body parts
cleared in good time. The road is clear. While we'd been busy at the crash scene,
'the real police had turned up. They wanted to demonstrate
the official procedure for stopping a stolen car. The operator will dispatch a vehicle. Hotel papa nine one, lima three
seven five, tango papa tango A BMW, colour silver,
lost stolen report. Received. Throughout this, the pursuing vehicle
will give a commentary to all the vehicles
that are engaged in this stop. The vehicle is failing to stop.
Failing to stop. The vehicles will be given instructions
to move off by the pursuing vehicle. It does seem like quite a faff. It is a palaver, to be honest.
It's very involved. You know they have to fulfil
13 separate health and safety criteria before they can do this. He could be abroad by then! Once the criteria is fulfilled,
they will attempt to stop the vehicle. Near side, near side. And under the instruction
of the ground commander, they will get the vehicle into position, where they can surround it, box it
and stop it. You just wind the window down,
draw alongside, blow his head off, or ram him off the road. Keep it rolling, keep it rolling. But the police won't ram him off the road
because their police cars are valuable. They're about 30 grand each. Stop, stop. This is where our idea comes in. And, for once, the challenge
was just what we hoped for. "You will now demonstrate
to the police how your cheap cars can be used to stop a stolen car
without using £125,000 worth of Volvo, the RAF and 16 health and safety forms. And just to make your task
that little bit harder, the BMW will be driven by…
Ronnie Stiggs. Keen to try out his paint gadget,
Inspector Morose went first. There goes a member
of the criminal classes. So we're now watching James
in a hot pursuit situation. How long before
you have to go home tonight? He's giving it the police shuffle! I am driving in accordance
with the police road craft driving manual. Hang on,
James's plan is to deploy his paint. -Yes.
-Now that relies entirely upon him being in front of anybody else! Luckily, I had a plan. Right, watch this! I know what he's doing. He'll wait for him to come round again
and then pick him up. I can see the miscreant
approaching in my rear view mirror. Sitting around waiting for
the baddy to come round again… It could work on the M25 perhaps! He's pounced! He's pounced! -Is he deploying?
-I don't know! -I say!
-It's worked! Right on the windscreen! -That is brilliant!
-I'm amazed! Sadly there was one invention
James hadn't considered. Well, he's just put his wipers on! So, would Hammond have any success? So, a 1.6 litre salon. Come on, come on, come on! Give chase! No, look, that's pathetic. I'm a police officer.
I shall never give up. Ah! You see! Thanks to four wheel drive
I could intercept the Stig and deploy my stinger. This is £900, plus a bit of doormat
with nails in it, here we go. He missed! Oh no, he's driven round it! The stinger needs to be longer. Now all hope of succeeding
in this challenge rested with Commodore Clarksonio. In Jeremy's mind,
this is a magnificent spectacle. What I like to do is play music, loud!
Scares the hell out of them. It's Robert Duvall, mate. I'm going to try something
the Americans call "pitting." I put my car along his rear
and push the back end out. He counter steers, I then brake
and, of course, it shoots the other way. Unfortunately
none of what I'd just said happened. So, there is nothing for it,
I'm going to deploy my Boadiceas. I don't think he'll take Stiggs alive! Any second now. Whoa! That's uncomfortable! I presume at some point there's going
to be a simply hideous accident. Come on! Yeah! Take that! I think it could be time to admit failure. See. That could have been… Something's gone wrong with the handling! You failed to apprehend the miscreant. -We are rubbish at this.
-We are not very good. We're not doing as well
as we thought we would.

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